Evangelische Kirchgemeinde
Evangelische Kirchgemeinde
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취리히, 스위스포스팅 28,605건
풍선 5개 중 5.0
2021년 4월
Walking through the old center of pretty Weinfelden my eyes got caught by an impressive church at an elevated position. For once not a longhouse as usual, but a cruciform central construction with an octagonal tower. It is very worthwhile to also have a look at the interior of the church. Thanks to many Art Nouveau elements it is not as austere as most protestant evangelical churches in Switzerland.

There are floral designs at the stained glass windows and also by the walls. At the back of the altar stand two trumpet playing angels engraved in stone. Above it is the organ, not at the back, high up on the entrance, as one will usually see. When visiting a man was just playing the organ, thus enhancing my visit here.

The church, built 1902-04, is the work of the Zurich based architectural office 'Pflegehard und Haefeli', to whom we owe many important buildings in any historical style (neo-gothic, neo-renaissance, neo-baroque, but also Art Nouveau), mainly in the city of Zurich. From outside the evangelical church in Weinfelden one has great views of the town (and the tower of the Catholic church St.John the Baptist) all the way to the Alps.

For me this church is one of the best 20th century ecclesiastical buildings in Switzerland. Due to its architectonical importance it has been declared a monument under national protection. Inside one will find a small brochure about the church (in German).
2021년 10월 31일 작성
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