Witchy's Trail

Witchy's Trail, 아포 섬

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Hop skip jump by the sea
2013년 3월 • 개인
Witchys trail runs along the coast of Apo island, near the village, just after Libertys - and has a small house at the end. It was fun and took us around 20 minutes one way unhurriedly. At the end, we just sat on the big rocks, playing with a dog who had followed us and watching the waves.

How to reach -
Just walk south, after Libertys and the church - along the beach, past the fishing boats and along the shore. There are round concrete circles where you step and continue to walk. No hand rails in most parts so do walk slowly. You can walk in flip flops, but I recommend something like crocs or rubber sandals, since you will need them if you wish to step on the rocks. Also, it can be sharp if your slipper falls down!

2014년 2월 24일 작성
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