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Steve E
포스팅 1건
2023년 3월 • 개인
What can I say. A 30 minute back and shoulder massage turned out to be a rushed 20min light back rub with cold oils and loud meditation music (complete with what sounded like seagulls). Totally not worth the money or time. Not my first experience here but will certainly be my last. Very disappointed for such a well known resort.
2023년 3월 8일 작성
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London포스팅 261건
2023년 1월 • 개인
Awful experience of the wet facilities - pool half taken with children’s swimming lessons and seats/loungers taken by parents watching their kids! The jacuzzi, steam room & sauna were full so not a very relaxing experience. Could only stand in the pool as too many people for a swim 😢
Very disappointing
2023년 1월 15일 작성
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포스팅 18건
2023년 1월 • 커플
Having booked this in as something to look forward to at the start of the year following a rubbish time we were looking forward to our spa treatments and relaxing in the spa. The spa is pretty old and worn now with not much in it but worst of all my massage was terrible. The women doing the treatment was clearly very ill and sniffed and coughed all over me the whole time, sometimes only massaging with one hand to cough with the other (then not wash it or sanitise and put it back on me) she was shaking during the massage and her stomach was making loud gurgulling noises the whole time. I felt sorry for her and tried to peservere but felt so uncomfortable and far from relaxed that I had to end it mid way through before the facial began. The manager refunded me the full price which was appreciated but she did not once apologise and there was no offer of fitting me in with someone else to get the treatment I had been looking forward to. The other girl on reception did say sorry and gave me a free drink. Husband really enjoyed his massage with Erica so such a shame they would let this happen and ruin the day and the spa is sub par.
2023년 1월 1일 작성
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London, United Kingdom포스팅 7건
2022년 11월 • 친구
Having paid a lot of money for a full spa day we were really excited by what was billed as a luxury spa. It wasn't. As other reviews have stated the spa area felt run down and poorly conceived (eg the main relaxation area being a bunch of sofas set out like someone's living room). There was a lack of attention to detail to make the spa feel like a relaxing space, for example lying on the table having a facial you are staring at an ugly ceiling covered in stains. Not much in the way of nice spa scents in the space, ugly hotel carpets, and lack of a spa theme. The treatments I had were excellent but my friend's therapist during her facial was pretty appalling - she asked her a question and then talked over her when she was replying, left the room for 15 mins of her treatment time, and was generally quite rude. There should also be separate pool/sauna/jacuzzi spaces for spa customers, or certain times when others aren't allowed in - when we went down there at one point it was so busy the jacuzzi, sauna, and steam room were all completely full. The area where you bave your lunch and afternoon tea was just horrible, it felt like a student union cafe with uncomfortable plastic furniture, though we did enjoy the food. For the price charged I felt very short changed.
2022년 12월 21일 작성
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Haydn C
스완지, UK포스팅 214건
2022년 7월
Stayed for a weekend golf break. Good accommodation, excellent breakfast, mediocre food. Reasonable Golf Courses. Overpriced golf buggies. Poor bar menu for lunch at the golf bar/restaurant. Overpriced food and drink as well. Staff all helpful but do not set the prices.
2022년 9월 15일 작성
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포스팅 3건
Visited as a couple, have been before and enjoyed. This time everything was awful. Definitely not what you expect from a luxury spa! Jacuzzi broken so unusable, the barriers around make you feel like you're at a crime scene not a spa! Only a few beds in the sauna area. Leaky ceilings and mould all around, and even mould on the hot rocks in the steam room, which you're then breathing in!
The pool was absolutely rammed with children on lessons, I go to a spa to have a break from my own children and don't want to be surrounded by a million others. Got in the pool which was freezing, not relaxing as described on their website, was splashed so much in the first 2 minutes we got straight out. Again, not what you expect from a relaxing spa weekend.
We tried enjoying some drinks in The relaxation room closest to the reception, not sure if the staff room is right next door but someone was in there playing ridiculous loud videos for nearly an hour, so much for a relaxation room.
The water bed room would have been lovely, if you could not hear all the children in the pool screaming and shouting. I don't understand the logic of having swim lessons for children in a luxury spa over a weekend??
The women's changing rooms had a huge fly problem, not just small flies, huge Flies. Photos attached show them. They were in the toilet and crawling all over the seating in the changing area.
It has the potential to be good, but unfortunately too much is looked over. My massage was great, however, the re were other therapists outside the door laughing and joking for most of it. The most unrelaxing spa day I have ever been on. This was a birthday treat which was unfortunately ruined.
2022년 9월 14일 작성
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Risca, UK포스팅 10건
2022년 7월
We booked a dinner, bed and breakfast package and added on a gin tasting experience. A warm welcome on arrival. We walked through the grounds to Hensol castle for the gin tasting which was interesting and good fun. We were disappointed with our room, it was quite knocked about and felt generally neglected. Dinner was good but nothing out of the ordinary. After dinner we had a drink in the bar which was was disappointing, the tables and seats looked like they needed a good clean. Breakfast was good with plenty of choice. After checkout we used the spa facilities. This was the biggest disappointment of all. It is very basic with an ordinary pool, small jacuzzi and sauna and steam room. Very poor in comparison to other spa hotels in the south Wales area. There were lots of areas that needed maintenance attention such as walls that needed a paint refresh or areas that needed cleaning. The overall experience of this hotel is that it is tired and neglected and not worthy of the reputation it has.
2022년 9월 5일 작성
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Marlene S
포스팅 3건
Birthday treat for half day spa with high tea. Lots of relaxation areas to sit and chill. Facilities are 1st class and the staff are very friendly. The facial was amazing, a few disappointments though. I had to keep asking what products were being used on my face and it might be an idea for the Therapist to explain the treatments being used or alternatively give the customer a list of what was used so they could be purchased afterwards if required. My sister came along with me and she was given a 10% off voucher which I didn't get, but it didn't matter really as I wouldn't have known what to purchase anyway!!
Hi tea was really nice, freshly made and lots of choice. Would definitely visit again but would like to receive more information on the products being used
2022년 7월 23일 작성
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South Wales포스팅 9건
2022년 6월
Poor customer service - we obtained a voucher for an afternoon tea at a a charity event in Dec 2021. Due to Covid we didn’t want to use it straight away so thought , it would be nice To keep it to go out for a birthday at the beginning of May. When we tried to book we discovered that the voucher was out of date by three weeks. The Vale employee was quite rude on the phone, and I was very disappointed that they would not honour the voucher. I was informed that I had a year where I could have used it !!! I sent two emails to the Vale to advise that I had only had the voucher for 4 months and part of this was restricted times but they failed to respond to me.
Disappointing service
2022년 6월 29일 작성
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Emma P
카디프, UK포스팅 24건
2022년 5월 • 친구
The Vale is quite simply the best spa by a country mile in South Wales! I come a couple of times a year with various friends and family and felt the need to write a review due to the excellent warm accommodating service we had from all the girls working in the spa but a special mention to Kate Murphy who went above and beyond to ensure we had the best day!!
We will Definatley be returning!!
We had a spa package and stayed the night also rooms were clean and all staff fantastic!
Highly recommend a stay and spa!
Thanks you
2022년 5월 14일 작성
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