Nybaek Plantage
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Horsens, Denmark포스팅 509건
풍선 5개 중 4.0
2015년 7월 • 가족
Nybæk Plantage is a small plantation/nature reserve, which was created in the late 1950's. It's situated close to Løkkenvej behind a small gravel rest area about 1 km south of Løkken.
The area is approx. 115 acres and covers diverse types of local nature. The area is originally a peat bog covered with a thick layer of shifting sand blown inland from the west coast. Between the trees, you can some places see potholes created by random peat cutting many years ago. Nybæk, which is the small stream draining the area, which otherwise would be waterlogged is running through the area as well, before running out into the North Sea just south of Løkken.
There are several trails inside the area, and you can pick a folder at the entrance and try to find all the posts inside and mark them off on the folder. Or if you have a smartphone, you can scan the QR-codes and try to find them all this way. The homepage is unfortunately "only" in Danish, but it can be found here:
Inside the area there is also a rest area, where you can make a campfire and have a barbecue. The firewood is for free, and there's even a cleaver you can use.
It's a small nature reserve, but worth a visit, and my kids loved the trail and the game of finding all the posts.
2015년 8월 24일 작성
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