Makwanpur Gadhi

Makwanpur Gadhi, Hetauda

Makwanpur Gadhi

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Hetauda, 네팔포스팅 9건
Experience History of a Fort.....
2018년 10월 • 친구
Its a ancient fort build by Sen dynasty, who once ruled Makwanpur before unification of Nepal. You can also enjoy natural beauty of forest and paddy fields on the way to Makwanpur Gadi. Its a nice place for family picnic but I really wish there would be good facilities of hotels and restaurants. You can also capture beautiful pictures with your loves ones adding the Nepalese history on the background. I guarantee you will enjoy the way to Gadi, as the road is good and full of awesome scenes of nature and places.
2018년 11월 26일 작성
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카트만두, 네팔포스팅 6건
Good place to be refresh your time...
2017년 1월 • 개인
This place is located at makwanpur district.And only 17 km from heatuda buddha chowk.This place is still hidden from domestic tourist and also from external tourist. Talking about this place iy was not under protection from so many years but bow it is being conserved from locals and the bikas samitis i am very happy that it is under conservation it has the historical importance it is also known as the bride's house(sasurali) of our legendary king pirthivi narayan shah dev. But their was the fight between between two kings makwanpurey king and gorkha king gorkha king defeated makwanpurey king and he united the makwanpur in the part of greater can visit manakamana temple,bhutan devi mai and dhunge gadi you can enjoy the hike from the city.....gumbas, parks you can see on the way and also you can enjoy milk product (khuwa) at chaughada....this place needs some support and promotions to make it well known for the domestic tourist and external as well and for worshiping you can see the temple of one and only mongolian faced krishna..(Bansi Gopal)......thank you all the people who have been to the place and share your experience......
2017년 12월 11일 작성
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싱가포르, 싱가포르포스팅 11건
historical place
2017년 7월 • 개인
the place is situated from around 25 km from hetauda. i went their by conating one travel agency who are originally from hetauda eagle eye treks and expedition. the placa also include the 30 min hiking from the roads. its take 1 hour by bike fromhetauda. its the combination of histry and nature. i like this palce.
2017년 8월 7일 작성
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Narayan c
포스팅 1건
it a beautiful place .there is one of krishana temple nd we view the all makawanpur district like hetauda city
2015년 9월
good place,all family and friends also went there it really neurally beautiful ,,,,,,,,,
all people also visit there
2016년 8월 30일 작성
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마닐라, 필리핀포스팅 28건
"peace of mind"
2016년 7월 • 친구
ohh i love this, This place was absolutely needs at least one hour a day to visit makwanpur gadhi.naturally no doubt it was too much fantastic as well as it was a one of the peculiar historical place with strangely established" shen kings"palace,stone made safeguard,really amazing to see......
2016년 8월 11일 작성
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카트만두, 네팔포스팅 41건
this is one of the kingdom while Nepal was divided in to 24 kingdoms
2016년 2월 • 친구
i feel the nature beauty when i reached there.this is in the top of hill and there is one hindu teple and the are are beautifully constructed by stones wall without cement. this has history about 400 years ago. we can see various hills from this place and it is 26 k.m. from hetauda bazzar. sports bike are better to reach there.
2016년 7월 13일 작성
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Jitten K
포스팅 1건
2015년 7월 • 가족
O baba wot to do so went der with frns n family got peace in mind its fun n kinda cool knowin abt our countrys legends historys
2016년 6월 19일 작성
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Butwal, 네팔포스팅 124건
History of Nepal lies back here..
2015년 10월 • 친구
This place is at height. And is cold here for all over year..

Its historical place which was like army camp.. and was built choosing this best location.. so that it would be hard for enemy to attack and vice versa. .

This place helped invading english troops at past
2015년 12월 22일 작성
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Hetauda, 네팔포스팅 1건
A must visit historical place in Makwanpur.
2014년 10월 • 커플
This is one of the best place to visit in Makwanpur. located at the high altitude you will feel the blue sky above you so near and when you see down the hight everything appears green.
2015년 8월 24일 작성
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Hetauda, 네팔포스팅 361건
An important slice of Nepalese history
2014년 10월 • 친구
This place is famous for the ruins of a fort that was once a stronghold for the ruling Sen dynasty and later the Shah dynasty. The Sens were defeated by Prithvi Narayan Shah's (credited as the unifier of modern Nepal) troops and that is considered a very important milestone in unification of Nepal. It was also the site of the first real battle against foreign troops. The Nepalese troops were able to thwart an offensive against the troops of Mir Kasim, the nawab of Bengal. Thus, this place has a historic significance in creation and expansion of modern Nepal.

It provides a panoramic view of the city of Hetauda and surrounding valleys. There is also a famous temple of lord Krishna where his statue is kept in chains. It is believed that lord Krishna would vanish for days from the temple and would later return with traces of mustard flowers on the floor. Thus, the people deiced to tie up the statue.
2015년 5월 31일 작성
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