Shiv Jatta
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Bhedetar - Rajarani - Rabi - Ranke, Dharan 네팔

풍선 5개 중 4.5리뷰 2건
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Prabin Karna
베이싱스토크, UK포스팅 46건
풍선 5개 중 5.0
2019년 5월 • 가족
I was so much thrilled with the sighting. If you like hiking then definitely put it in your bucket list. To reach all the way to water fall it takes 15 to 20 minutes hike from car park. But once you reach there it is worth it.
2019년 5월 19일 작성
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비라트나가르, 네팔포스팅 72건
풍선 5개 중 4.0
2018년 11월 • 친구
Firstly, I'm amazed at the lack of information I found over the internet about this place and even more amazed that I lived so close by all these years and never heard about it. A friend mentioned few months back and we could not wait to go. So finally did this hike with 3 others and what a great day it was. The terrain is lovely. Uphill, downhill, Rocky, muddy, walk along the river, cross a bridge supported just by 2 bamboos, Paddy fields .. all in just a 2 hour walk (1 way).
So the walk starts from a little further up than Dharan. Take a right from zero point and keep going until you come across Shyambhakt petrol pump. You can see the path from there. You will come across 2 or 3 diversions, to reach Shiv Jatta just take right all along. In case you don't want to walk all along, you can take a tempo or even bike it till a certain point. I think it should be a 30-45 minutes ride and then you gotta walk for another 30-45 minutes. But if you can, pls do walk the entire way. It's quite refreshing.
We were a tad bit disappointed with the jharna ( waterfall) cuz we expected it bigger and better but that may be cuz we went in November and our expectations were higher after having been to Namaste Jharna which in terms of the waterfall and the natural infinity pool is way better (poor husband planned for a photoshoot but sadly din fund enough water😋) though the hike was a different experience and totally worth it. Try visiting on a weekday or at least not during holidays. It can get quite crowded but lucky ones like us can wait for the crowd to leave and have an awesome time. Mind you, You might find a better show during monsoons.
2018년 12월 5일 작성
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