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Once the forum area for the ancient Romans, this is now the central piazza in the small, medieval, hilltop town of San Ginesio.
There are several significant buildings to see here and, despite suffering earthquake damage in 2016, it is a charming piazza and town.
The most striking feature in the piazza is the town’s main church, the gothic-looking Chiesa Collegiata. This 11th century building is one of the oldest structures in the town. It’s a heavy stone structure with a strong German influence (which is not surprising when you learn that the upper facade was built by a man called Henry the German).
Sadly its grand facade and large square tower were badly damaged by earthquakes and remain wrapped in steel cabling and scaffolding. Due to safety concerns, it’s no longer open to tourists.
Even without being able to go inside, it's a lovely church. The lower facade and main doorway are free from cables and can be seen clearly. Look closely at the seven rows of arches framing the main entrance and you can spot a small, grim looking face on the right hand side. On the other side, is an extended hand holding a globe. Hidden symbols?
Other points of interest in the piazza include the Teatro Leopardi Giacomo, the Palazzo Onofri and the central bronze statue of Alberico Gentili, the 16th century local boy who became a professor of civil law at Oxford and is often remembered as the father of international law.
Before leaving, we stopped for a coffee at Le Logge, where we sat overlooking the piazza.
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