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Sanjay D
나비뭄바이, 인도포스팅 297건
We have spent one whole day on this beach... The day we visited the beach did not have much visitors hence we enjoyed the complete beach which has rustic sand spread over in length & breadth..Soaking yourself in the sand & amongst the sea waves you can flow along & enjoy the real worth of the beach.
2020년 11월 10일 작성
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나비뭄바이, 인도포스팅 372건
Dapoli area is blessed with one of the secluded beaches. Anjarle has a two kilometers long stretch of unspoiled beach with a cover of white sand and is surrounded by palms and trees. Beach is located near the estuary of river Jog.
However, beach is not having much activities and Murud & Ladghar are much better from the family visit point of view, within 30 kms.
By road, Dapoli can be reached from Pune in three different ways via Khandala, Bhor or Mulshi. To reach Dapoli from Pune via Khandala travel through Mumbai Pune Expressway and take exit at Khopoli. From Khopoli head towards Pali – Kolad – Mangaon – Mandargad – Dapoli. Distance for Pune as well as Mumbai, both is appox 200 kms. Khed on the Konkan railway is the nearest railway station to Anjarle beach and distance from Khed is 50 kms.
2020년 2월 16일 작성
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Parag T
푸네, 인도포스팅 11건
Clean Beach, no pollution and peaceful place and Delightful nature .
No excess crowd you can cook here your own food and enjoy
2020년 1월 9일 작성
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나비뭄바이, 인도포스팅 57건
Reaching this beach is tricky through narrow and congested roads of Anjarle koliwada which tests driving skills. Don't risk if are new to driving or face issues driving uphill. Then you need to park car on the nearby jetty to take a dingy boat to cross Savitri river to reach this beach. No water sports, not many tourists. Peaceful serene beach!
2019년 12월 1일 작성
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뭄바이(봄베이), 인도포스팅 728건
Anjarle has to be one of the cleanest beaches in the northern Konkan belt.
Known as a white sand beach, which clearly isn't the case. It's just a cleaner beach with the powdered sea shells adding the white character to the otherwise black sand beach.
Secluded & Almost a private beach this, Unless of course tourists start thronging the beach and dirty it further.
The highlight of the beach though is the Turtle conservation project.
Privileged to have a tête-à-tête with Mohan Upadhye - who is leading this project and after Velas has now brought this to the village of Anjarle.
Managed to watch the baby turtles dig their way out of their incubation & flap their way into the sea - magical!
2019년 4월 16일 작성
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탄, 인도포스팅 50건
The Anjarle wild life conservation - Anjarle Beach, Konkan region, Maharashtra
The forest and wild life conservation officials and local village volunteers are doing a splendid job of protecting the eggs of turtle from predators, nurturing and caring for them until they break from the eggs and come into life. They immediately carry them in basket and release them in sea to start their life's journey.

What a noble work@
2019년 4월 15일 작성
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Shishir Bisen
푸네, 인도포스팅 19건
I writing this review to help out others to plan their trip as I have been here twice.

How is the place?
It is sea side village which very beautiful. Old houses, neat and clean roads and surroundings and a presence of a beach resort there makes it a perfect weekend getaway. The way to anjarley is very beautiful specially in winters which refresh you for sure.

How far?
I started from Pune. It is 200km from here and it took me 5 hours of drive.

How long to stay?
2 days max. Anjarley is a very small village and doesn't have any attraction nearby apart from its beach. There one Ganesh temple worth visiting which will only take 5 mins of your time.

Where to stay?
Only one name till now. Ketki beach resort.
Though many homestay will come up soon as there were some construction work going on. Please check before planning.

How is Ketki beach resort?
A decent resort with apt facilities. The USP of resort is it's location. Bang on the beach. Being in resort or on the beach is one and the same thing. Resort is surrounded by orchard of coconut and betel nut. Management and services varies time to time. It's a bit expensive compared to facilities it gives but we can live with it. It's the charge of location.

What things to Carry?
With my own experience.
1. Usual beach side accessories like sunscreen cream n all.
2. Some carpet as resort doesn't provide beach side siting arrangements.
3. Some board games or sports itmes.
4. Resort doesn't have stock of alcohol, so you will have to carry your own.(Harne village near by is the only market to get it)

How to plan?
Mine was a bike ride from Pune to anjarley via lonavala( route via tamhini Ghat is not good at least while writing this review)
Leave early morning for anjarley as the route is very busy and have lot of traffic.
When starting journey back, you can choose to checkout from your room and spend time in beach and start your journey in afternoon.

Quite clean n close to nature beach.
Village is beautiful.
Relaxing holiday destination.

It is my own view that the resort is quite expensive according to the facilities it offers. Other wise it is fine.
Village is far off so if you need something special you may need to drive 8 km one way to get it.
2019년 3월 24일 작성
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Dapoli, 인도포스팅 302건
Anjarle beach is the perfect place for a family outing if you are looking for a secluded and pristine beach to hang out with your family or friends.
There are plenty of parking spaces, though the roads leading to them are at times confusing. But the chances are that you will find one in the end.
The first thing that you encounter as you reach the beach is a very articulate board welcoming you to the beach with the information that it is a hotspot for turtle nesting.
One thing I found missing was the beach shacks where the visitors could find food and drinks during their visit. There are few shops and eateries around but they are far from the beach front and not readily visible from the beach. Also, the food available there is mostly Malvani with hardly any variety. So, I suggest that you carry water, food, snacks etc with you to the beach unless you want to spend a few hours looking around for food when you feel hungry. But please make sure that you don't litter the place with the leftovers or wrappers.
Take frisbee, football, volleyball, cricket kit or anything else that you fancy and have a great time with your group.
I was lucky to have found some very strange natural patterns on the sand which I am sharing with the TripAdvisor community.
2019년 2월 17일 작성
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포스팅 987건
I went to Anjarle Beach. The Anjarle Beach is one of the most scenic and secluded beaches in Dapoli, and looks absolutely mesmerising with its tall palm trees and clear blue waters. It is great place to go
2019년 1월 26일 작성
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브뤼셀, 벨기에포스팅 200건
What a quaint little village! Peaceful, laidback and green with tiny red dusty walk ways , old kokan houses (so typical with wooden lined windows and red roofs) surrounded by lush green banana, mango, coconut plantation..with small temples and also masjids around most of the road corners making the atmosphere more divine and calm. Plenty of fish food at very cheap rates..almost every home of the village proudly host the board of breakfast and lunch / dinner facility and also homestay. Samudra Gaaj and Ketaki resort are two most visited accommodation that can cater to urban crowd. Heard that during new year the village is fully crowded and visitors also had to sleep in varandas as the rooms got over even in home stays. The resorts prices also around Rs. 1000/- to -2500/-. Not supporting to booze culture but one can drink if he has his own stock. Expect excellent quality of fish , rice bhakri (bread) , fish curry and rice almost everywhere.. so fresh and so local! Main attractions are Ganpati temple on the hill top and the lovely long stretch of Anjarale beach. Oh what a lovely place to be.. not at all commercialized and crowded. They do offer now dolphin ride and some island hopping like tour but nothing more than that. Visitors enjoy these morning trips I think more for the boat trip than to spot a dolphin. I did not take this as I have done similar thing in Tarkarli. It osts here much cheaper say 1200/- for boat ride.
Sunset is amazing and can be seen right from the beach is it is west facing. For sunrise you may head towards village. Village has a bank of baroda (or india) ATM, small shops supplying day to day needs. Also could buy a pair of slippers as my husband forgot his back home! The village is really gives you a complete feel of village without any sign of modernization, you see old couples sitting and eager to guide you roads towards attraction also some young entrepreneurs trying to set small business supplying juices, bottled water, chips, medical store etc. but really handful of such shops. You can see the New English school building right at the bottom of the Hilltop Ganpati temple (the road that goes from village and not the one that is for vehicles) , it is amazing to see that school building. School was closed being weekend else would have liked to visit it. Village sleeps at 7.30 I guess 😊 , without network you have almost nothing to do but if you are in good group you can enjoy a lot indoors. I guess one can also walk around but the villages are without street lights and I atleast found them scary 😊 may be because I recently watched two three horror movies made on kokan background. Well jokes apart, it must be safe but it is always wise to stay indoor in unknown place because I felt that medical help was not anywhere close though I spotted one good dispensary.
We reached on Saturday and returned on Monday. I like to feel both weekend and weekday of the holiday destination. Mondays were also not much rush like!
I suggest to visit this lovely place and get the feel of real kokan. Even if you wish you wont be able to spend much money here 😊 so this is not only a organic, non-polluted but also an economic destination!
Few tips : This place is in very interiors, the roads are available (done new last year) but still are lot of uneven. From Khed (if going by train like we went) , it is hard to find taxi, we took a tumtum (large auto ) from khed to Anjarale via dapoli but it is for sure is not an good idea as it is very bumpy after Dapoli. Try to come to khed bus depot first from khed station (20 rs. Sharing auto seat) . then from there you may find auto options till dapoli (or try for taxi till anjarale). Then if taken auto till dapoli , switch to taxi from there. I think it is far easy to find taxi in dapoli city. Do also check ST options from Dapoli to anjarale , there are plenty every 1 hr.

We spend two hours in tum tum which was very tiring especially after 4 hours train journey from Thane to Khed. .

If you forget the bumpy road for a moment the surrounds are mesmerizing with great great views of ocean from top and sideways… wow really lovely and never seen before breath taking views along the way!
Enjoy Anjarale and support Kokan travel by buying lot of great food items like papad, mango pulp, mango products, various spices.. kokan meva as we call it. The products are not expensive and very high and fresh in quality.
Nearby attractions : Harnai port and Suvarnadurga fort. Both very nice.
2019년 1월 12일 작성
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