Manabu Peak

Manabu Peak, Santo Tomas

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Jeff G
바탕가스 시, 필리핀포스팅 7건
Love the view
2018년 12월 • 친구
Manabu peak is for minor climb 2/9, I started climb this mountain since April 2017 to December 2018, I already hike for 9x. The locals is so kind, tatay tino is the owner of civet coffee staying at station 5 sometimes at station 2 you can try the coffee "FREE as many as yoh can" if you are a coffee lover go there! And also as you reach the peak you see the Mt. Maculot and the Mt.Malipunyo you can try thr twin hike if you're hardcore!
2019년 6월 28일 작성
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Harve T
마닐라 수도권, 필리핀포스팅 8건
My First Time
2016년 1월 • 친구
Mt, Manabu is in fact the first mountain I have ever climbed. I thought that my inexperience with hiking would make me very clumsy and that I would slip a lot, but to my suprise Mt. Manabu is actually a very beginner friendly mountain. Me and my friends enjoyed a fresh, delicious, and FREE cup of coffee when we were at station 5, we enjoyed the enthusiasm and the patience of our guide to beginners like me and my friends. The summit was one of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen, even better than the movies!!!!! It was cheap, it was memorable, it was fast (perfect for a dayhike), and it was worh it. This short review cannot give justice to how much of a good time I had climbing Mt. Manabu, the mountain made me fall in love with hiking and I can't wait where to go to next.
2016년 1월 31일 작성
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필리핀포스팅 54건
Coffee on the mountain side...
2016년 1월 • 친구
Mt. Manabu is a short drive from Manila to Batangas. It either be via public transport (Jam Liner) or private vehicle, a private parking lot are available for overnight stay (for 100 pesos). It is also where you can take a bath after going down. The trail 6 station and can be in the summit an hour depending on your phases. Before ascending on the top, you will pass a local house that sell alamid coffee and give free unlimited taste of the said coffe... at the summit is where you can setup your tent for overnight stay but do not forget to bring down your garbage on your way down...
2016년 1월 10일 작성
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일본포스팅 269건
Cheap dayhike out of Manila
2015년 2월 • 친구
If you're looking for a quick dayhike out of the city then this is the place for you. I don't think that Mt. Manabu is as known as other mountains around the Philippines but this is a baby mountain you can conquer even without much experience.

Here's a quick view into our experience. I also saw children hiking up the mountain, so its safe to say that its a pretty calm hike as compared to other mountains.
2015년 2월 15일 작성
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