The Windjammer

The Windjammer, 다트머스

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Winjamer Pub
2019년 9월
Nobody was in Winjamer when we went in we should of realised . Food was overpriced and bad ,vegatables terrible. Seats were ripped ,shabby all over needed a face lift . On top of that staff very disinterested ,we complained about food didn't even get a reply . My advice is STAY AWAY.
2019년 10월 31일 작성
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Maureen B
피어링, UK포스팅 230건
This place has really gone downhill and doesn't deserve your custom
2019년 9월
We used to visit this place regularly when we had family living in the area, about 12-15 years ago. We decided to have lunch there, as it was always a bustling place and the food very good. The only two good things we found was that the lady behind the bar was nice, and the beer good
Other than that, we were shocked at the rundown condition of the place, all the padded seats were ripped and the padding hanging out. The bench seats had cushions on to try and disguise this, but were still uncomfortable and shabby, and all the padded stools that i could see were held together with brown parcel tape. That should have given us a clue to leave I suppose, but we gave it a chance.
We both had the fish pie which, like another reviewer said, arrived after much microwave pinging. It was ok-ish, but also like has been said before, the vegetables (at least, I think they were vegetables, they could have been anything) looked, and tasted, like they had gone straight from the freezer into the microwave for about 5 minutes. Very dry and tasteless.
It was gastro-pub prices (about £13+ per head) and ghastly-pub food. Well overpriced. I did ask if the landlord we had known still owned it, and they said it was the same chap, so he has obviously lost interest, what a shame.
2019년 9월 26일 작성
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리즈, UK포스팅 625건
2019년 9월
We just called in for a drink as we did last year and I went to sit down and almost fell down, the seats have cushions on because the seat is terrible. All the material is ripped and there's no foam left at all, I had to get up and find a hard chair. How anyone comes in here and sits down I don't know. The owner is a very nice lady but it really needs a refurb, desperately. Won't be back here until it's done, shame as it's a good looking pub.
2019년 9월 18일 작성
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빈, 오스트리아포스팅 160건
Ein netter Abend im Pub
2018년 10월 • 커플
Unser Besuch im Windjammer war spontan und länger als geplant. Wir verbrachten einen netten Abend, tranken Bier von einer kleinen örtlichen Brauerei, und führten interessante Gespräche mit dem Wirt und den Gästen.

Die Einrichtung im Seemannsstil wirkt teilweise etwas bunt zusammengewürfelt und beinhaltet auch zahlreiche nautische Andenken ehemaliger Gäste bzw. deren Schiffe.

Die Speisenauswahl ist für ein Pub durchaus schon groß und die Zubereitung kann man live mitverfolgen. Die Preise sind moderat.

Für uns war es ein netter und interessanter Abend.
2018년 11월 3일 작성
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Devon, UK포스팅 24건
2017년 5월 • 커플
We Visited this place hoping to have a few drinks & something to eat. The landlady was so unbelievably rude that we didn't even want to finish our drinks.
Best avoided
2017년 5월 14일 작성
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David L
서비턴, UK포스팅 510건
Decent, welcoming pub
2017년 4월 • 가족
I visited this pub with my 4 year old son on a Sunday in April 2017. It is a nautically-themed pub and despite what some other reviews say, we found it welcoming. There is a children's menu, too.

My son commented that his sausage and mash was he best he'd had and my crab sandwich was very decent. The IPA is tasty, too.

Overall, a decent experience. My only negative comment would be that whoever had used the toilet before my son needed to go hadn't used the toilet brush. Otherwise, no complaints.

2017년 4월 2일 작성
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mike c
newport south wales포스팅 35건
Shocking meal!
2016년 9월 • 커플
My fiancee and me decided to eat at the windjammer on a weekend break to Dartmouth,we ordered the fish pie and 16 oz sirloin steak with pepercorn sauce,several microwave pings later food arrived,steak was very very fatty and overcooked very chewy!,pepercorn sauce was dryed up and awefull,fish pie was microwaved pre made and dry,veg also microwaved packet diced affair,steak was drowned in almost raw onions,god knows why,only edible item was the chips!!,thank god as we were very hungry,expensive too!,hastily paid and left,on leaving noticed sign in window " chef required",that explains why the lady serving behind the bar also can operate a microwave,all in all terrible experience,we will not set foot in there again!
2016년 9월 29일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

Ray L
첼튼엄, UK포스팅 12건
2015년 4월 • 가족
The bar is attractive but not overly welcoming.They have a small menu, so not much choice. The food is good but with drinks this was an expensive evening.
2015년 4월 25일 작성
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