Level 1 alternative bar
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세인트 레오나드, UK포스팅 156건
2013년 9월
Went to this gay bar on its opening night. There were a catalogue of problems.
No till so staff mentally adding up and no means of a stock take.
No locks on the toilet doors and only one outward opening door between the toilet and the club so you can't even jam the door with your foot.
Well over 30 odd degrees in there with no air con and the blinds that were covering the open windows could not be opened to let the air in due to licensing conditions.
The dj was awesome and the bar staff were good, well the ones that could do their job. Roasting hot and no ice is not ideal.
People snorting cocaine publically also made it awkward.
I understand places have teething problems but that was too much. I hope they improve as st Leonard's could do with a gay bar but a decent one.
2013년 9월 14일 작성
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