Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife & Falconry Centre

Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife & Falconry Centre, 셰필드

Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife & Falconry Centre

Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife & Falconry Centre
오전 11:00 - 오후 4:30
오전 11:00 - 오후 4:30
오전 11:00 - 오후 4:30
오전 10:00 - 오후 5:00
오전 10:00 - 오후 5:00

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에버데어, UK포스팅 188건
Fab day out!
2021년 11월 • 가족
Came here with my mother and 2 year old son. When we arrived it was a clear day and we started having a wander around. We quickly decided to go and have lunch at lotties cafe on site before continuing around the park.
It then started to full force snow, and it was settling very quick. But not an issue for us, we continued around the park and it was such a lovely day, seeing everything covered in snow.
Yes some of the animals were then put away, but there was so much for us to do with my son.
Would be nice to come again on a sunny day.
2021년 11월 30일 작성
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셰필드, UK포스팅 44건
Good time again
2021년 10월 • 가족
We had a great time. The toddler was entranced by the butterflies in the butterfly house and kept following them back and forth. I always find it very peaceful watching them flutter around. We had been before so we knew the butterfly house would be warm so we layered up accordingly to allow for the colder outside areas.

There were some great Halloween decorations around and we all enjoyed trying to track our running speed by the otters.

We were able to eat our picnic above the games room. We did attempt to get some sweet treats from the cafe not realising it was closed and that the queue for the coffee shop was huge.

Both the toddler and the big kid really enjoyed the day and probably would have liked to stay longer.
2021년 11월 11일 작성
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Whittlesey, UK포스팅 174건
Needs more butterflies
2021년 10월 • 가족
The park itself, was good they had decorated it great for Halloween, the water sprayers scattered around are an excellent addition to the park. The animals all look well looked after and clearly feed well as none of them were interested in eating any of the purchased food!! Bit disappointing that the otters weren't interested either even though the park only sell 20 pots of fish!!

Went into the butterfly house and we expected to see loads of butterflies and be amazed. Unfortunately we weren't we went in twice an hour between each time and we saw 15-20 butterflies in total with maybe 5 flying around us!! I don't know if we came the wrong time of the year but I wouldn't call this place a butterfly park!!

As for the falconry yes we saw some birds not in the falconry centre, but not what I call falconry no show, no talks!!
The play area is nice plenty to do to keep the kids entertained!!
2021년 10월 27일 작성
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매틀록, UK포스팅 51건
Good if you have kids!
2021년 10월 • 가족
We came with our 6 m/o niece and 3 y/o nephew, and we had a great day! The kids weren't too bothered by the animals so we were glad there was lots of other entertainment for them such as dinosaurs, play parks, sand pits, games and lots of red buttons to press. As a couple with no kids we like visiting animal parks and I'm glad we didn't visit this one without the kids as it wasn't the best animal-wise, but like I say great for kiddies! Food was nice, spent 3 hours here. Would recommend :)
2021년 10월 23일 작성
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Andy B
울버햄프턴, UK포스팅 36건
2021년 10월 • 커플
What a fantastic place was good to see so many animals looking so healthy in great surroundings.
When we booked online we also booked animal food and the lemur experience.
We went in to feed dartanian the brown lemur was such a great experience the girls Ella and the other one l can't remember told us great information about him .
So if you decide to visit please have the lemur experience cost 30 pound but thats upto 6 people.
The butterfly House is excellent too you can feed the parakeets inside.
Definitely visit again
2021년 10월 19일 작성
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Htims Mail
반즐리, UK포스팅 116건
Great Place
2021년 10월 • 가족
A fantastic place to visit. A whole range of animals, birds, insects to see. The butterfly House itself is great. Birds walking and flying past you, butterflies everywhere you look and some can land on you.

The outside area is pretty big and spaced out enabling a good 90 mins - 2 hour walk without stops for food. Lots to see. Lots of interactivity for children. Cafe and games room on site also. The pumpkin hunt was a great added bonus for us. Lots of Halloween decorations about. Some excellent additional touches like the squirting water from the skunk.

Plenty of exhibits and animals to look at and loads of information on each one. The lady in the gift shop was excellent too!
2021년 10월 18일 작성
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Shirley E
Dronfield, UK포스팅 282건
Felt sad for some of the birds and animals
2021년 10월
Went on a quiet day but judging by the number of parking spaces it must be a hellhole on a busy day. I felt sorry for the red squirrels, they are obviously stressed. One of them was going round in circles constantly and 2 others were just running back and forth at the same bit of fence trying to get out. The raven was pacing too. You can see ravens lots of places in the Peak District, they’re quite common sights now, so why even have one cooped up like that? One of the ‘keepers’ was cleaning the giant tortoise’s foot and she literally sprayed whatever was in the bottle in its eye! Expected this place to be really good given the amount of advertising it gets, but no. Came away feeling very sad. Please release the Raven.
2021년 10월 12일 작성
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lee a
셰필드, UK포스팅 519건
Great fun
2021년 8월 • 가족
2 adults and 2 small children, it cost £45.05 for all of us. I have never been before so was surprised how much there is to do for the kids. Plenty of small animals and birds to see, including an indoor butterfly house which was the highlight for us. Nice picnic areas to eat around the grounds including cafes even though we brought our own food and drink. We spent about 3 hours here, so will go again soon as it was a very enjoyable experience especially for the young ones.
2021년 10월 6일 작성
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Dinnington, UK포스팅 44건
Lovely place
2021년 9월 • 가족
Been going here for a few years and it's brilliant, there are so many animals to see and they all look like they are well looked after, so ignore other reviews. I can't praise this place highly enough, it's perfect for a day or a couple of hours on a rainy day as there is the butterfly house indoors with reptiles, small indoor animal House, little indoor farm bit with goats, chickens etc, an indoor craft room with free colouring stations and an indoor bit to watch the lemurs.

There is so much for the kids to do walking around, like animatronic things, the dinosaur trail, the witches house which they change inside to suit seasonal events.

The play areas are great with big slides, areas for younger kids with trikes etc, a large field with more play equipment and basketball nets, hammocks to relax in, table tennis table, football table, and then the splash park which the kids loved.

Lotties coffee place can be accessed through the carpark without having to go in the butterfly house or gift shop.

Staff are always so friendly.
2021년 9월 26일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

Derbyshire, England포스팅 107건
Felt sorry for some of the animals
2021년 9월
Guinea pigs - no food, no grass, one of them not able to go back inside so cowering behind an object in the run. The waterfall in the otter enclosure wasn't running and was green and slimy . Outside areas and animal enclosures felt/looked neglected, dinosaurs and other figures scruffy, Butterfly House was good, plenty of butterflies but first time l have been in a Butterfly house which hasn't got special feeding stations for them. Came away feeling sad .
2021년 9월 23일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.
Hi Carolyn, I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy your visit and left feeling sad. Being a zoo we have to comply with the zoo license legislation and work with the international zoo veterinary group to ensure animal welfare standards are maintained. The guinea pigs are given their main feed first thing in the morning and then get additional vegetable feeds from visitors throughout the day. Fresh hay is given to them on an evening which they graze on until the following evening. The door back inside sounds like it had closed over and prevented one from getting back in but they all are returned inside overnight. The otter waterfall pump had stopped working and had to be repaired so was not running when you visited. Stringy algae does build up in the pond and pools which is removed when the pools are cleaned. The algae doesn’t have any detrimental affect on the otters and during the summer months grows very quickly. The waterfall was back up and running within a couple of days. Many of the enclosures are also maintained for native wildlife so can appear overgrown at some points of the year. We encourage nettles and thistles in the park for various butterflies to breed on and birds feed on their seeds. We monitor many native species on site and try to find a balance for visitors and wildlife. Having worked in various butterfly houses for the past 25 years its only the ones that cannot provide enough natural nectar that tend to have butterfly feeding stations that are filled with sugar water. We have supplemented in the winter when needed but as we have lots of flowering plants a natural nectar source is far better for the butterflies. I hope this answers some of your concerns. Kind regards
2021년 10월 13일 작성
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