Riverstone Gap

Riverstone Gap, Matale

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모스크바, 러시아포스팅 70,847건
Riverstone Gap
2020년 2월 • 커플
Потрясающее место, виды просто потрясающие. Но довольно тяжелый подъем верх, пришлось делать остановки.
2021년 1월 10일 작성
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포스팅 2건
2020년 2월 • 가족
It's a long climb to the top but there were cool winds and breathtaking views the entire way. Thick greenery and wild flowers were flanking the path which was a bit rocky near the top, adding to the fun. Will definitely go back this year. Take plenty of water and start the climb early on in the day to avoid the hot sun.
2020년 2월 16일 작성
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Getaway Duo LK
콜롬보, 스리랑카포스팅 240건
In love with riverstone
2019년 8월 • 친구
From Colombo it’s a 4.30 hour journey. Colombo to Matale it’s 3.30hours and from Matale about 1 hour or more depending on your stops.

Riverstone is a mountainous area with lots of places to see. Riverstone gap in particular is an area with lots of gusty winds and u feel like your being carried away. To get the full experience u need to climb the Riverstone SLT Tower mountain. This is where everyone goes to feel the ‘breeze’.

There is a car park at the bottom, you can park. There are 2,3 small shops to buy sweaters and snacks.

The climb is a paved road so don’t need any hiking gear or even shoes. We went in slippers. If ur fit it will take only ab 15-20 minutes if not, still only about 30 minutes maximum. There are some shortcuts through the forest, we went in but above don’t go due to many leeches yuck!

It’s an easy climb through paved rod with magnificent views and strong winds. Winds is a must so u really experience the Riverstone. Take a jersey/sweater when u go up as it’s cold.
2019년 8월 17일 작성
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콜롬보, 스리랑카포스팅 218건
Breathtaking view
2019년 8월
Hiking in Riverstone is a wonderful journey. We stayed in Kandy and visit rivers tan on a day tour. We travelled together with kids around 6-11. Even this kids really enjoyed the nature tails in Riverstone. Since our day was a bit gloomy day with massive wind we were advised by the nearby people to not to take kids beyond the wind gap. But actually it was true the wind there was really bad. But kids really enjoyed up to that point and experienced the wind there too....Better take some worm cloths with you. After than we enjoyed hot roti and tea from local shops at the entrance.
2019년 8월 13일 작성
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Dammika D
Nugegoda, 스리랑카포스팅 101건
Pleasant hike in Riverston
2019년 6월
There is a car park at the summit of the road between Pitawala Patana and Rattota. This is the start point of the hike. Though the road is paved access is restricted. Hence, you have to walk all the way to the top which is more than 2 km one way. Most of the climb is gradual. However, last 100m or so of the ascent is very steep and is only a gravel footpath with highly irregular, narrow steps. Passing each other is also a bit of a struggle. If there is not a big crowd most people including kids and some fit senior citizens could safely take it. When enshrouded in thick mist it becomes a little dangerous. Please note that the top is a narrow strip of land, perhaps 3 metres wide in some places with cliffs to one side and jungle on the other side. In the absence of mist breathtaking views are possible. Even if the views are hindered by the mist, the hike itself is rewarding. One might get a chance to see some of the rare wildlife only found in the Knuckles range of which Riverston is a part. During colder months one should wear suitable clothing as it can get very cold especially when it is windy.
2019년 6월 9일 작성
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Morning Sri Lanka
Kurunegala, 스리랑카포스팅 18건
Hiking in Riverston
2018년 12월 • 가족
Hiking in Riverston Sri Lanka was an unexpected highlight of my journey throughout the island. Riverston is a region best defined by the popular term, ‘off the beaten path’. We drove for several hours, parked in the middle of nowhere and then embarked on a hike.

We headed across the river and through the rice fields and farmland. There is minimal signage but luckily we had our guide Lukobanda to guide us up. The hike doesn’t have a specific name according to the locals other than the Riverston Hike. The hike looks out over the Knuckles mountain range and the surrounding highlands. It’s one of the short day trip hikes in the area. The end of the hike ends with a sharp 300m drop, which made for some pretty epic photos. From here you can chill and take in the views of the Thelgamuwa Valley, the terraced rice fields, and the Knuckles mountain range. This spot is called ‘The Worlds End’.The hike is 5km long but not incredibly difficult.
2019년 2월 13일 작성
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Colombo, Sri Lanka포스팅 30건
Breathtaking views
2018년 4월 • 가족
This is one of my favourite go to places to immerse myself in nature. I love to take in the open green vistas, the pristine breeze and the wonderful bird life.
You should pack a picnic lunch, plenty of water and try out the many trials if you are into hiking. Leave early and watch the beautiful sunrise.
Definitely heaven on earth
2019년 2월 4일 작성
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Kasun Peththawadu
Ambalangoda, 스리랑카포스팅 30건
Amazing landscape
2018년 11월 • 친구
This is a very scenic place of hill country of srilanka and you can have a broad view of mountains when you get there. Feels like you are in heaven. There are lush green every where
2018년 12월 6일 작성
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Aravinda J
칸디, 스리랑카포스팅 108건
What a view
2018년 9월 • 가족
This is a very nice place with a nice atmosphere and very nice view. In a nice sunny day you can see vast areas of knuckles mountain range and east plains of Sri Lanka
2018년 10월 3일 작성
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콜롬보, 스리랑카포스팅 643건
Stunning Views
2018년 9월 • 개인
Road is little bit difficult , if you have a good vehicle it will be useful. The roads are narrow , but you will get stunning views once you reach to the location , I think this place something like Ella area , very nice , weather conditions will change frequently , don't visit there in the rainy season.
2018년 9월 23일 작성
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