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Sandra Tours
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퍼스, 호주포스팅 1,537건
2015년 7월 • 커플
We were recommended to use Sandra as our private tour guide while in Barcelona by our Seville tour guide and we were happy with the choice.

Sandra has a lot of knowledge of Barcelona and Spain and has a bubbly personality and is energetic. She is also flexible with the itinerary. If there is one thing to recommend - we only wished that in some places she was a little slower and allowed us more time as tourists who had never seen these attractions before e.g. at Park Guell and how our tour finished. If we had of known that was the end and we would be put in a taxi and parted ways we probably would have stayed inside the compound in our own time.

We were really appreciative of the introduction Sandra gave us of Barcelona. When we first met her in the hotel foyer she sat us down in the café and came prepared with a map of Barcelona. With this map she drew all over it telling us about the expansion, the changes the Olympics brought to town, the industrial revolution and other things/places of interest.

The tours we took with Sandra were:

Gaudí Tour & Barcelona´s front side (minivan) 5 Hours Tour:
During our tour we discovered his architecture with the famous Casa Batlló, Casa Milà and the Holly Familly. We will also seen the Marina with the Olympic Village & the Olympic Harbour.

Gothic Tour (Walking Tour) 4 Hours Tour:
During this tour we visited Barcelona ´s downtown with the famous Ramblas, Jewish quarter, the roman wall, the roman forum , the cathedral , the medieval palaces and more

The first day Sandra took us on a Tapas walking tour showing us amazing tapas places in Barcelona. We loved the traditional Pintxos tapas at Bilbao Berria.

I would recommend Sandra.
2015년 10월 24일 작성
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