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Best Of Taste Tours
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Best Of Taste Tours
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퀸즈, 뉴욕주포스팅 1건
풍선 5개 중 5.0
2017년 10월
Allen was great , wine and snacks delicious . Highly recommend.driver was very safe and good .truly the best tour I've taken in Italy and in fact anywhere I've been .thank you Alessandro
2017년 10월 9일 작성
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Brisbane포스팅 10건
풍선 5개 중 5.0
2015년 5월 • 친구
My husband and I were on a cruise that took in Lirvorno as one of the ports. We decided not to book the tour of Pisa & Florence through the cruise ship as we didn't want to be wandering around aimlessly through the streets with headphones on. (Spot the tourists!!!!)
I had researched the internet before going on the cruise and came across the Best Tour of Italy website. The more I read the more I wanted to go through this company.
While we were on the cruise ship we asked other couples if they had a tour booked in Livorno, most had booked through the ship. There was another couple that hadn't so we talked about doing the Pisa, Florence and Tuscany tour from Livorno.

I rang the day before the ship docked asking about availability and the owner of the company said he would check and get back to me. Well within 15 minutes we were booked.
We are greeted by Laura who is such a vibrant, fun and passionate tour guide. The 4 of us were taken by a Mercedes van to Pisa (our first stop) Along the way Laura told us the history of Pisa and Livorno and having such a love of her country we really felt like we were part of her Italian family. Everyone that Laura spoke to had a true bond with her. It was a genuine respect not the "oh I have to be nice to her" attitude you feel on some tours
Next we went to Tuscany to a winery 'San Michele A Torri'. Where they made their own olive oil as well. This tour was so interesting and the staff there had heaps of knowledge and a true passion for their work and again the bond between Laura and the staff was genuine.

Next it was onto Florence and lunch. Well the little cafe we were taken to had the best Lasagne that has ever been made. I thought I had died and gone to Lasagne heaven. Again the bond between Laura and the cafe staff was this genuine kind of true respect.
To finish the tour we had a gelato at La Carraia Gelatria. Yum
Laura knew all the best spots and they were very reasonably priced
Would I recommend this company and tour to anyone? YES
Would I do another tour with this company? YES
I would tell everyone who is going to Italy to use this company and ask for Laura, as her passion, vibrancy and knowledge made us feel very special.

When we got back to the boat and heard what others had seen and done (which wasn't as much as we had) we were glad that we used Best Tours of Italy as they were cheaper, better and we got the personalised tour.
We didn't feel like tourists we felt like Italians. This tour was a definite highlight and one we will never forget. Due to being made to feel so special.
2015년 6월 15일 작성
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Emily L
East Meadow, 뉴욕주포스팅 17건
풍선 5개 중 5.0
We booked this tour via the last minute before we head to Italy. It is a right choice we made ! It's totally worth it!! I highly recommend to everyone who will be visiting Florence and Tuscany. We visited Sienna, San gimigano and Pisa and a family farm... The tour was nicely organized and the guides are amazing! We surely had an awesome time and would love to come back!
2015년 4월 13일 작성
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오타와, 캐나다포스팅 111건
풍선 5개 중 5.0
2013년 6월 • 친구
We booked this from Toronto for the day after we arrived in Florence. I have been to Florence many times but never took this tour. The operator of our tour was amazing. She has lived in Florence all her life. She is from a Foodie Family. She understood so much about the food and passed along so much interesting information. We started early in the morning and it went to late afternoon. We ate and ate and drank and drank. We toured bakeries, chocolate manufacturers, the food market and then took a private Olive Oil lesson. So much to learn. We loved her and the tour was perfect for our first day, because then we knew where to go, for what. We had a apartment right in front of the Food Market and it was perfect knowing so much more than we ever thought we You will not be disappointed!! All the food tasting. All the wine tasting. All the lessons were included 100%. The only extra was our tip to her, which she deserved!
2014년 5월 1일 작성
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