Ex Chiesa dei SS. Felice e Regolo
Ex Chiesa dei SS. Felice e Regolo
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플로렌스 , 이탈리아포스팅 13,205건
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2021년 1월
Pisa, like almost every Italian or European city, is dotted with churches that are no longer officiated, sometimes even disappeared from the urban fabric. For the specific case of Pisa, there is a study (2017; in Italian and English) that can be consulted by googling "Churches no longer as churches: the urban case study in Pisa".
Among these churches the case of S. Felice and Regolo stands out. The church was founded in the 11th century, already from its origin featuring a singular shape, ie a chapel open by loggias on three sides. After many events, at the end of the nineteenth century the building assumes the current appearance of a two-storey neo-Gothic civil building; fortunately, preserving from destruction the two splendid capitals of the Roman imperial age (beginning of the third century AD), reused in the medieval church, and for which the building is famous.
The two capitals depict each two classic "triads" of divinities of the ancient Mediterranean world: the Capitoline triad, with Jupiter Juno and Minerva, and the Alexandrian one, significant testimony of intercultural flows, with Isis Serapis and Harpocrates.
If the Capitoline triad is the subject of an indigenous Italian cult, the Alexandrian triad, obviously of Egyptian origin, is a non-trivial testimony of the presence of oriental cults in Pisa of the late Roman imperial age.
2021년 2월 3일 작성
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런던, UK포스팅 175건
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2017년 5월 • 친구
Tucked away in the back alleys of Pisa ex Chiesa dei SS. Felice e Regolo was built in the nineteenth century on the site of the church of Santi Felice and Regulus with was build in 1070.

Since the base is now a bank the neogothic interior can be accessed for free.
2017년 5월 16일 작성
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