Landlyst Museum

Landlyst Museum, Heimaey Island

Landlyst Museum

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Mike S
남아프리카포스팅 620건
2019년 10월
First, go to Heimaey Island! Take the ferry and do it! This is not only a very cool place to visit because of what happened in 1973, but the town is worth the stop, too! If you’re reading this review, then you’re aware of why this island is really “on the map”. What a scary experience!! The museum is near the top of the town on the east side. Not hard to find. Very interesting exhibits of the event! You need at least an hour.
At the back left corner is a large round map of the island. This map is bordered by a wheel. Most people didn’t seem to know what to do with it. Grab the wheel and start to turn it clockwise. You will then see the events unfold before your eyes as if you were hovering high above the island in a helicopter. VERY cool!
2019년 10월 8일 작성
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캐멀, 인디애나포스팅 616건
2018년 7월 • 친구
This is a wonderful museum, well thought out and constructed. Stunning to think of the effect of the 1973 volcanic eruption of Mt. Eldfell and the creation of new mountains and the consequential destruction of the town. Museum is built near a partially buried house (by flowing lava) and has another one inside the Museum. Extremely well planned museum to demonstrate the effects on the town and the country. Highly recommended that you make time to visit this site.
2018년 7월 15일 작성
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Mio, United States포스팅 59건
2018년 7월
We took time to visit this Pompeii of the North museum and learned about the incredible experience caused by the 1973 volcano eruption on the Westman Islands. They actually built this museum around an excavated house that was semi-destroyed by the volcanic ash. There was another partially excavated home outside the museum.
Great place to take your kids to learn about this dramatic event.
2018년 7월 2일 작성
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르 망, 프랑스포스팅 91건
2017년 8월 • 친구
L'utilisation des techniques audiovisuelles sont ici parfaitement maîtrisée.
Elles permettent de revivre le temps de la visite le drame de l'éruption de 1973
2017년 8월 2일 작성
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포스팅 769건
2017년 7월 • 친구
This was not something that I personally found as a hi-light, however, it could be if it is an interest of yours.
2017년 7월 19일 작성
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캘리스펠, 몬태나포스팅 655건
2017년 6월 • 커플
This house is one of many that were either dug out and left in place or moved so you can see what happened with the eruption and following lava and ash destruction. Some of the houses in the area have pillars in their yards showing the depth that ash fall buried them. Amazing and yet even though we have been through Mt. St. Helen's eruption in 1980 this was 100 times more destructive due to the close proximity of the volcano to where the people were living, working at the time. Our guide was very knowledgeable about this house and gave us personal information about what happened during the eruption, evacuation and then the return and rebuilding of the town. One can not come away from seeing what is buried and what is now recovered with out awe and wonderment of the people's will to overcome all the destruction and begin life again.
The Good: The will of the people to succeed and overcome adversity
The Bad: Nature happens all the time whether good or bad it shows you handle the aftermath that makes all the difference in the out come.
The Ugly: If you come away form viewing what happened without being affected
On the scuba bubble scale of 1 to 10 bubbles I give these museums 8 bubbles
2017년 7월 6일 작성
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서드베리, 캐나다포스팅 65건
2016년 9월 • 커플
Was fascinated by this reading about the eruption and the people it affected in the 70's. Amazing how the population has just dug out and restarted despite the hardships and the risks
2017년 1월 14일 작성
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Kathy B
Houston포스팅 36건
2016년 9월 • 커플
This museum brings to life the power of nature in a very compelling way. It documents the tragic events in 1973 that caused much of the island, including hundreds of homes, to be buried after a volcanic explosion. The museum is built around a home that was buried. It also includes very moving video of the events and interviews of those involved who worked so hard to save their island. Well worth your time.
2016년 9월 9일 작성
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알파레타, 조지아포스팅 2,474건
2016년 7월 • 커플
This museum is well done with an audio tour and signage in English. It would be more interesting if the visitor does not have much knowledge of volcanos, and/or has not seen other sites like this around the world. I found myself getting distracted and disinterested after about an hour of the audio guide. There is a film which is interesting that runs on a continuous loop.

Overall, it is average versus other museums one could visit.

If this review is helpful then please indicate so below.
2016년 7월 31일 작성
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Hertfordshire포스팅 589건
2015년 9월 • 커플
Having scaled the heights of the dormant Heimaey volcano it was a must to visit the museum at its foot which enabled us to imagine the scale of the disaster when it erupted. The museum has been built around a house which was excavated from the volcanic lava that had buried it with another one outside. There were many interesting videos and items to read together with a film which was about 30 minutes long which unfortunately we didn't have time to see in full as we needed to leave to catch our return ferry. There is a reduced entrance fee for seniors - 3800 ISK for two and toilet facilities are available.
2015년 9월 15일 작성
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