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포스팅 1건
I didn't want to write this review but have been left no chocie as we have been totally ignored despite being promised a full refund.

My sister, Mother and I attended on the 8th October for a spa day and the service we recieved was truly shocking. All treatments were delayed by over an hour, casuing multiple individuals to wait together in a tiny area, all complaining. The therapists commented multiple times how stressed they were to us, not making for the relaxing day we had hoped for. All looked unhappy and shouted out the names of who was next like a register at school, then asking what treatment they wanted, the therapists simply didn't have a clue. No apologies from the head therapist who also came into work half an hour late (we were informed this by another member of staff). My sister was taken into a treatment room where someone was midway through their massage which was incredibly awkward. All of the treatment rooms were cold, the therapist stated this was because they "forgot" to turn the heater on in the morning.

The lunch was no better, the food was laughable and looked similar to a child's school dinner with unseasoned, boiled veg. All of our meals came out at different times with at least a 10-15 min wait between people. This was happening to multiple tables as all were complaining. When asking for a flat white coffee, the staff member asked us "what's that again?"

The spa supervisor Michelle was embarrassed at the level of service we had recieved and apologetic therefore had agreed to request from her manager to provide us with a full refund. We had email agreement a day or so later confirming this had been authorised and they would process our £300 refund.

We are now over a month on and NO money has been refunded. We have emailed and called multiple times and always told the "person" we need to speak to is either unavailable, off sick or left the company. We have been given countless promises to be called back within a few hours and what a suprise, never any call backs are made. We called on Wednesday and spoke to the spa manager who promised us that she would resolve this and call us back with an update that afternoon - once again no call. We are now calling daily and constantly fobbed off with fake promises. It's becoming a joke and East Sussex National are taking the mic out of us.

We are not looking for excuses to be made by East Sussex National, we simply want our refund that you have promised us.

Please note, unless the £300 is refunded within the next 2 days, we will be returning in person to speak to the necessary individual and obtain the refund.
2022년 11월 11일 작성
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포스팅 10건
Worst spa day!!! arrived here and the facilities where so dirty…. The jacuzzi was full of dirt the pool side floor was dirty and muddy, the aromatherapy room was so dusty on the floor and the wet room inside the aromatherapy room was full of mud dirt and people’s hair built up all in the drain ! Then went for our spa treatments and the floors in the rooms were dusty and dirty all the products had dust on top of them ,wasn’t a clean environment at all! We then were meant to have afternoon tea at 2 o’clock it didn’t come out so we asked where it was they said it’ll be 10 mins after 35 mins of waiting hadn’t even been offered drinks at this point we got offered a pot of tea as we asked where the afternoon te was ,it came over we tried to use it and no tea was coming out of it we looked down the spout of the tea pot and it was full of some sort of dirt we don’t know what ! We complained about all of this to staff members and nothing was done at all apart from the manager telling us they haven’t had any cleaners for 4 and a half weeks !!! After we have used all the facilities already we felt disgusting and so dirty! What was meant to be a relaxing day turned into a disaster!
2022년 11월 7일 작성
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어크필드, UK포스팅 1건
2022년 10월 • 커플
Such a shame, it could be so much better.

Unfortunately the biggest let down is hygiene! Visited the pool area two days in a row, you can see clearly no cleaning has taken place, mud and hair around the showers, the sauna was dirty with piles of dirty around the drainage area.

The changing rooms are very tired, half the lockers don’t work, hair dryers not working, stacks of empty plastic cups laying around and over flowing towels in the collection basket. On the positive note, the gym area is clean and a nice space and the grounds look immaculate.
2022년 10월 26일 작성
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포스팅 7건
I booked a spa day. I arrived but started off at the hotel reception & the lady directed me to the spa. When I arrived at the Spa the gentleman asked me if he could help & I said I booked a spa day, I’ll be honest no real friendly welcome & didn’t seem to have my details & wanted to take a payment from me when I’d already paid online. I was given a form to fill in a robe & slippers & pointed to the swimming pool area. It was my first time & I didn’t know where anything was so I think for new comers some guidance around the place just to get your bearings & informed if you need to know anything just to ask.
When I got my bearings & asked some of the customers for help, I had a lovely time from swimming, aqua class, facial , afternoon tea & came away refreshed. Lady doing the afternoon tea was very helpful & nothing to much bother.
2022년 7월 28일 작성
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시포드, UK포스팅 3건
Don't go there!
Ruined my birthday spa day, pool was freezing, steam room not working properly. My partner didn't get his massage, mine lasted less than 20 minutes!
Complained to manager on Friday assured us we would hear back from him vthat was on Friday and still no response. Booked a massage together with hot stones, they knew nothing about hot stones kept me waiting for 28 minutes, my partner more than 40 minutes and said no it's one at a time, paid £100 for an awful visit that totally ruined my day.
This is not the first time booked into hotel for my birthday 3 years ago food was terrible, room was filthy and waited over an hour for our starters and wine arrived halfway through our main course, waiter passed me a red hot plate that burnt my hand.
Gave them another chance with a spa day, no reply to phones at hotel or spa my partner had to drive up there to make the booking. S
My friend pre booked her wedding there and had awful experience, couldn't get an answer then were told the prices were going up much higher without explanation already spending thousands so they cancelled.
A total shambles stay well clear.
2022년 5월 4일 작성
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Deborah R
이스트 그린스테드, UK포스팅 16건
2021년 11월
I wanted to book a spa day for myself and my daughter, I called and left 5 messages with no response. I left 2 emails of which 1 was initially responded to, and then nothing.
I am shocked at the awful customer service.
We went elsewhere, and the service was amazing from start to finish.
2021년 11월 21일 작성
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Lydia H
포스팅 2건
2021년 11월
I never write reviews, seems a whole lot of effort, but my this spa has literally made me the angriest I have ever been. it is IMPOSSIBLE to contact ANYONE at the Hotel, Health Club, Spa, Golf resort. I spent more than a week calling all numbers and emailing all email addresses to confirm my spa times booked via Spabreaks.com and couldn't get through at all. I left multiple messages that no one responded too. This has disappointed my mother as despite me booking and paying for a spa day she will not receive one for her Birthday.
2021년 11월 4일 작성
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포스팅 1건
I feel the reviews don’t give an honest opinion on the quality of the spa and food. The staff are all very young and I feel possibly lack experience in customer service. They do not great you or say hello unless prompted. Once arrived and after filling out paper work you were left to it to navigate your day. The spa is run down. It is suitable as a gym pool but I wouldn’t describe it as a ‘Spa’. Not all the facilities were working and the options of robes and slippers where not available. You are also lucky if you get a bed to place your towel. Our treatment only lasted 15 minutes instead of 25 minutes, although this was the best part of the day, if you are paying for a certain experience you would expect to get the minimum at least. The afternoon tea was hands down the worst part. It was clearly pre made, left for a while and didn’t even look refrigerated. We had to ask for our drinks after 20 minutes and both left over half the food. It wasn’t presented as it shows in the photos. The only positive I can offer is when I did make a complaint the guy behind the reception was quick to get me a manager and it was acted on quickly. Having been to a few spa days and for the cost of some of the spa packages that our offered here, I would recommend going somewhere else and paying the same and you will get much better.
2021년 11월 1일 작성
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Melanie Todd
런던, UK포스팅 27건
This is more of a frustration review purely because I have booked a Wowcher spa day in November and am unable to contact the spa to book that part in. Voicemails or emails not responded to at all poor
2021년 10월 16일 작성
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Wandering Wonderings
세인트 레오나드, UK포스팅 3,239건
Can't fault anything about the spa day here. Pleasant welcome. Helpful friendly staff. The gym was well equipped and the pool was just the right size. The treatment was heavenly (except for the loud squeaking bed as it was raised and lowered).

The sparkling afternoon tea combined with the beautiful view...just wow. Loved the sandwich skewers and the cakes were delightful.

I know where to come next time i have another spa day
2021년 9월 18일 작성
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