Ando Island

Ando Island, Borongan

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A Short Adventure to Ando Island
2018년 4월
Our family is from Hernani and we go back a couple times a year to visit. None of us had been to Ando before. Plus, we only knew of an island off Borongan, but not the name. After asking a few people in Borongan where and how to catch a pumboat, we arrived at the docks on the river. One was leaving shortly and we agreed on
the fare for the 7 of us. It took approx. 1/2 hour to get there under clear blue skys and a calm sea. When we had tied up at the wharf we could see right away that Ando has a quiet town (mainly motorcycles), with narrow roads
or wide pathways (take your pick). And lots of coconut trees. Our group was befriended almost immediately by
a man named Valentino. Since we brought our own food n water, we were eager to just get to a nice beach to swim, relax, eat and do some beachcombing for shells or whatever else washed up with the tide. Valentino pointed us to the left shoreline and we hiked around the bend to our destination - Patigayon Beach Resort, at
his suggestion. The walk was one continuous beach with a few scattered homes n pumboats fronting the water.
The daily tides bring in lots of floating litter, mainly plastic as one can imagine. And it was scattered all along
the sand and in piles. Not the fault of the residents by any means. It would take half the population of Ando to clean the mess each day and then where/how would they dispose of it?? Some areas were raked and kept clean. A welcome sight! One such big area was in front of Patigayon Beach Resort. The place was hidden among the trees so well that we didn't know we had made it to our destination for the day. Rony Celada and family own it. Rony knows his home island well and is also kind, friendly and welcoming. Besides a restaurant
and beach shelters, the resort has changing rooms with showers (and good pressure), a sari-sari store and well
kept grounds. Overnight accommodations are on a second floor above the restaurant. Our family spent a few hours in the shallow water as the tide came in. My wife and I took a stroll along the beach to a small mangrove.
Along the way we passed 2 other resorts and we found lovely shells for our collection and some beach glass. Next time we visit Ando, we will get over to the Pacific side of the island where big waves and high surf is.
2018년 8월 27일 작성
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마닐라 수도권, 필리핀포스팅 33건
A Nature Lovers and Adventure Seekers Paradise
2015년 11월
Ando Island locally called as puro halaba (means long island) is one of the two treasured islands of Borongan City, Eastern Samar. The other one is Divinubo Island. Divinubo and Ando islands, may be called as twin islands of Borongan, although there are no two islands are exactly the same. They have unique characteristics that are different to each other, Both of them are facing pacific oceans and are prone to strong typhoons, surges, tsunamis and other natural calamities, but both gives an enchanting features and they are completely unspoiled.
2016년 6월 13일 작성
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엔젤레스, 필리핀포스팅 8건
A Private Haven in Eastern Samar
2013년 5월 • 친구
Located 112 meters away from Borongan City, Ando island is blessed with a series of caves, white sand beaches, vibrant coral formations alive with teeming marine life in sparkling clear blue waters, incidentally ideal also for diving and snorkeling. For a detailed review, please visit my blog:
2013년 6월 20일 작성
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Elmer B
Philippine, 네덜란드포스팅 4건
Island of Hospitable People
2013년 4월 • 친구
When you visit the Island, A Sweet SMILE from the people around welcome you and you will then ask where to go,, usher you to where destination you want in the can go around the Island without tour guide no charges ask,,,but if you want to ask a tour guide you will then be charge P300.00,,,there were resorts available in the Island,, A Community bakery in the island is also available which caters you of Local bread,, a souvenir Tshirt wont escape your attention and you will surely bought one of it for souvenir,,,Your security in staying the island is our ultimate goal,, The brgy tanods are actively doing there foot patrol in all the area where Tourist are present,,and we guarantee you that you enjoy the place for its natural beauty....COME and VISIT US...
2013년 4월 10일 작성
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Bob E
키더민스터, UK포스팅 20건
Peaceful paradise, Ando island on edge of the Pacific
2012년 12월 • 개인
While staying in Borongan, East Samar, it is worthwhile to take a day trip for only a few Pesos to a beautiful island off the coast sitting on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. A half hour boat ride brings you to Ando Island, which is covered with Coconut trees. You land at Barangay Ando Island, and a short walk across the island brings you to a resort with white sand beaches and views across the clear blue sea to the breakers of the Pacific beyond. The sea is shallow here and so good and safe for paddling and swimming. Food is available at the resort so it is good to spend a very relaxing day here, whether alone, with family or with a group of friends.
2013년 1월 11일 작성
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