Leitches Creek Mineral Spring
Leitches Creek Mineral Spring
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빅토리아, 호주포스팅 58,181건
2022년 1월
In 1880 a reserve was set aside of 0.4 hectares ... in 1881 it was enlarged to 1.2 hectares. The spring was found to be in a large pool of water in a swampy part of the creek.

In 1905 the Jenkins Brothers were given a licence to extract the mineral water. The brothers bottled the water and delivered it to local homes until the 1950s.

At one point there was a pump house at the location. That is long gone. A concrete tank was built in the 1960s giving the public better access to the water.

This is a beautiful green area... there are no amenities to speak of ... although there is a picnic table. It would be a soothing and tranquil area to have a picnic. The spring water did not taste as offensive to me as other water that I have tried in the area. Although I can't imagine ever wanting to have it bottled and delivered to my home. :) For me the visit was simply to understand more about the mineral springs in the area...we often only focus on the popular areas such as Lake Daylesford and forget that there are springs all over the area.
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