Bishazari Tal
오전 7:00~오후 6:00
오전 7:00 - 오후 6:00
오전 7:00 - 오후 6:00
오전 7:00 - 오후 6:00
오전 7:00 - 오후 6:00
오전 7:00 - 오후 6:00
오전 7:00 - 오후 6:00
오전 7:00 - 오후 6:00
소요시간: 2-3 시간
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풍선 5개 중 5.0리뷰 4건
매우 좋음
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링컨, UK포스팅 237건
풍선 5개 중 4.0
2020년 2월
The 20,000 lakes area describes itself as just outside the Chitwan National Park and as a 'buffer zone' for wildlife. It is close to the highway and you can either cycle or take a jeep. The trip itself was a there and back again drive up a track beside a small river (not that exciting in itself hence the 4 stars), but we did see more wildlife on this than on the walking safari or the half day jeep safari in the national park, so this should not be dismissed as the second rate experience. We saw lots of deer, boar, monkeys, lots of crocs and a rhino as well as many birds. We also saw more photogenic landscape on this trip than on the half day jeep safari in the main park notably when we stopped to walk around two of the 20,000 (do they exist?) lakes at different times - really beautiful reflections and sunset shots.
2020년 2월 8일 작성
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Shuvechchhya Pradhan
카트만두, 네팔포스팅 59건
풍선 5개 중 5.0
2019년 7월
Went for a drive through the Bishazari Tal. Was a bit crowded at the main lake but the drive was very peaceful and inspiring with greenery.
2020년 1월 18일 작성
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카트만두, 네팔포스팅 63건
풍선 5개 중 5.0
2020년 1월 • 커플
One of Chitwan's best secrets, a quiet jungle full of creatures and only 200npr each. Saw a lot more here than a whole days safari in the National Park - boar, chital & sambar deer, mongoose and a rhino plus numerous birds. Do it by bicycle for a full immersion day out where you can enjoy the sights, smells & sounds - and get off the road for goodness sake! 500npr bike hire from Sauraha, reasonable fitness required, the highlight of 5 days in Chitwan province.
2020년 1월 2일 작성
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Fox Island, 워싱턴주포스팅 1,016건
풍선 5개 중 5.0
2019년 4월 • 친구
You can rent a bike or jeep to get to Bis Hajari - you can do this on your own or through a tour guide depending on how much you want to pay. There is a big sign on the main East West Highway heading toward Bharatpur. It is a designated Ramsar Site and open year round. As you enter there is a sign for Twenty Thousand Lake Farm Resort off to the right - follow the canal. Just after their sign next to the canal you can stop and buy a ticket. This is important since you need to show the ticket to the Army stations at two points along the canal. The area is full of wonderful birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and the occasional deer and rhinos. Bring water and lunch if you want to stop and enjoy one of the small lakes just off the canal. There are a couple of side roads to go off on to explore other small lakes.
2019년 4월 30일 작성
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