Siam Adventique
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Siam Adventique
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시드니, 호주포스팅 1건
2016년 8월 • 커플
t was our first time visit to Thailand and we contacted this agency a couple of months ago. June was incredibly helpful, always quick to reply and answered all the questions very clearly before our trip.

There was a lot of flexibility in this tour. The trip was perfectly unrushed at our own pace. They always picked us up on time with their comfortable van and helped us with our bags. Not to mention the tour which we had a truly awesome guide Ten who was always flexible and knowledgeable. All visited destinations were great but Ten made all these places even better and more interesting.

I would definitely recommend Siam Adventique to anyone who planning to visit Thailand, looking for an incredible tour and a great value for money from a very high standard and professional tour operator.
2016년 9월 9일 작성
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밴쿠버, 캐나다포스팅 1건
2016년 6월 • 가족
This is a great tour company. I traveled with my family last month, and our experience was fantastic. I did not know what to expect since we booked with them at the very last minute. However, everything exceeded our expectations. We found our guide, Mook, to be very entertaining and very informative. She was always helpful and had a great personality. The driver was also friendly and we loved the meals. They even provided us a cell with local sim that we could use for calling them on emergency. We are happy to say that our family had a very great experience with Mook, and we hope to see her again next summer.
2016년 7월 28일 작성
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Thank you for taking time to share you experience, Arianne! We're glad to hear you had a good time here. Our team will look forward to welcoming you in Thailand again soon! Siam Adventique
2016년 8월 1일 작성
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