Anam QT Spa
오전 9:30~오후 7:00
오전 9:30 - 오후 7:00
오전 9:30 - 오후 7:00
오전 9:30 - 오후 7:00
오전 9:30 - 오후 7:00
오전 9:30 - 오후 7:00
오전 9:30 - 오후 8:00
오전 9:30 - 오후 8:00
소요시간: 1-2 시간
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풍선 5개 중 2.5리뷰 2건
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Alexander S
포스팅 2건
풍선 5개 중 1.0
2023년 3월 • 커플
Worst massage my wife had for the last two months. We have been travelling for 2 months now in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and in that time, we have had a lot of massage different places. Yesterday we went to Anam QT spa even though the price was double compared to the other massage clinics (820K vs 400K VND). Obviously we expect at little higher service and a little better therapist. Anyway - we ordered the same massage but we couldn’t have it done together unless we paid 1 million VND (for at private room) on top of the already paid 2x 820k. We didn’t want to pay that amount so we got it separately. We were told that there was an opportunity to take a shower before which I did, but my wife had just showered from our hotel, so she was told to wait. She waited 15 minutes before she was shown to her massage room. In her room she sat for an additional 15 minutes before therapist came to do her massage. Her massage began 5.35pm (we had booked for 5.00 pm) and it ended 6.25 pm (we always look at the clock before and after). The massage itself was terrible for my wife. The therapist was lazy and she didn’t even try to put an effort in the massage. My massage ended before her because of all her waiting time and when I saw her coming down so furious I was even scared to death. My wife told me that the therapist used one hand just going back and forth like applying skincream. The skin even hurt in the end. On the front she didn’t even use oil. The few places we she pressed was directly on the bones and spine. It was so stressful and really not relaxing at all. My massage was mediocre to bad (but I’ve had worse tho). The clinic had made us pay beforehand, so when we asked for return payment of only my wife’s treatment, they did not want to give us back but offered us a voucher for 30 minutes massage. We didn’t want to set foot inside that place again and on the other hand, we had to leave for Da Lat the next morning, so we couldn’t even been able to use the voucher. We are so disappointed with the service and how they managed our complaint. They even dared to argue with us saying that we got a free tea and cake while waiting (well, they serve tea and fruit almost every place we’ve been🙄) please don’t support this place.
2023년 3월 7일 작성
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Alex L
홍콩, 중국포스팅 792건
풍선 5개 중 4.0
2018년 5월 • 친구
My friends join the package and have a saving of 30% off the regular price.

Went there 2 times. all the facilities are in good condition, except the onsen bath tub a bit may not have interest to soak yourself there.

The massage skill is good, in general on high side/strength of the kneating.

We tried 4 hands on 2nd visit. first time experience and feel excellent. Around USD58.
2018년 5월 21일 작성
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