Drive Mongolia
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Self-drive 4WD hire for road trip East
2018년 5월
내 파트너와 저는 Drive Mongolia의 Landcruiser 76 시리즈를 올해 초 몽골 동부로 10 일간 여행하기 위해 고용했습니다. 우리는 드라이브 몽고에 정말로 만족했다! Orgill은 우리가 차를 예약하는 데 도움을주었습니다. 그는 매우 도움이되었고 반응이 좋았습니다. 어디로 가야하는지, 여행 일정을 알려주고, Dadal (징기스칸 탄생지)의 WWF 사무소와의 접촉을 알려주었습니다. Dadal에있는 가족과 환상적인 홈스테이. 우리의 연구에서 Drive Mongolia는 서비스 품질과 자동차 안전면에서자가 운전을위한 자동차를 고용하는 유일한 방법이었습니다. 차는 소화기, 예비 타이어 2 개, 게리 캔, 회수 도구 등을 잘 갖추고 있습니다. 우리의 10 일은 대략 다음과 같이 보입니다. 울란바토르> Gorkhi Terelj 국립 공원 (2 일간)> Dadal (3 일간)> Chinggis> Khokh Nuur (Baldan Beerevan Monastery에서 당일 치기 여행으로 2 일)> 울란바토르. 자가 운전에 관한 메모는 도로의 질이 좋지 않고 거리가 예상보다 오래 걸립니다 (우리는 비포장 도로에서 한 시간에 40km라고 말합니다). 그러나 스스로를 운전하는 것은 확실히 불가능하지 않습니다. 다만 당신의 아주 잘 계획 한 여행이 수렁에 빠진 ​​차, 통행 할 수없는 도로 또는 거리를 과소 평가하기 때문에 많은 시간을 바꿀 수있다 (우리가 한대로!)! 주목해야 할 몇 가지 :  - 우리는 GPS가 필요하지 않았고 방금 앱 맵을 사용했습니다. 나, 몽골의 도로망지도 (State Department Store에서 구입). 우리도 물건을 보는 것에 도움이되었던 몽고의 시뮬레이션 카드 (Drive Mongolia보다 싼 State Department Store에서 구입했다)를 가지고 있었다. 대부분의 도시에는 봉사가 있었다.  - 드라이브 몽골로 오는 캠핑 장비는 상당히 제한되어 있습니다. 추운 날씨에 가려면 텐트 및 추가적인 따뜻한 침낭을 지을 것을 권합니다. 스토브 용 가스 병을 구입해야합니다. 도로의 대부분의 지역 슈퍼마켓에서 찾을 수 있습니다 ( 'mapket'이라는 단어를 찾습니다). 음식을 사기 전에 조리 장비를 살펴볼 가치가 있으므로 어떤 옵션이 있는지 확인할 수 있습니다.  - 거의 모든 곳에서 캠핑이 가능합니다. 당신이 강에 얼마나 가까이 있는지, 몽고 드라이브가 당신에게이 정보를 줄 것 같이, 고려해야 할 몇 가지 사항이 있습니다.  - Orgill은 여정 제안에 도움이되었으므로 이동하기 전에 사무실에있는 사람과 채팅 할 수있는 시간을 마련해야합니다. 그는 또한 외출 중에도 정기적으로 전화를합니다. 그것이 드라이브 몽골에 대해 우리가 사랑한 것입니다. 그들은 정말로 자신의 나라를 알고 매우 세심합니다. 우리는 드라이브 몽고와 특히 동부 (너무 매혹적인 징기스칸 역사!)와 함께자가 운전 여행을 적극 권장하며 Gobi 지역보다 덜 방문합니다 - 볼 수있는 한 아름답고 방대한 대초원입니다. 자체 도로 여행 계획에 많은 정보가 없다는 것을 알고 있으므로 궁금한 점이 있으면 언제든지 문의하십시오. 우리는 Instagram (@insteppe)에 관한 여행도 올렸습니다.

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Bayangol Duureg 3 khoroo, 울란바토르 몽골

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Yariv Sade
이우, 중국포스팅 4건
2019년 8월 • 친구
We plan an adventure trip with drive Mongolia we rent 2 motorcycle with one UTV and support car with mechanic and guide who carry all our personal staff and extra parts , tools to repair

The service of Drive Mongolia team was amazing , Haliuna manage the booking and pre arrangements well and assist us to plan our 7 days trip the mechanic was so good , they check the vehicle every evening at the camp and help in any problem we had in the trip

We had a " small accident " and our mechanic was injured and car was broken , Haliuna send immediately an outer car to replace with a new mechanic so we could start ride again the morning after , the price of drive Mongolia is not cheap but it will gurantee that you will go on with you trip in case of problems

I recommend drive Mongolia
2019년 10월 6일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다. 트립어드바이저에서는 리뷰를 확인합니다.
Thank you for your review! Hoping to see you again next year! Warm regards from Mongolia
2019년 10월 9일 작성
이 답변은 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 시설 담당자의 주관적인 의견입니다.

Julie S
오클랜드, 뉴질랜드포스팅 16건
2019년 9월 • 커플
We hired a Landcruiser 78 series for 12 nights in September 2019. We had read all the reviews online and thought we were pretty well prepped for the trip, but with Mongolia you have to expect the unexpected! Driving yourself is hard, very hard. Roads are appalling and you spend a lot of time travelling under 40kms an hour in 4wd. By our last days we were starting to get a little tired of the driving and dust. We did 2,500 kms in the 12 days as we went north to Khovsgol Nuur. In hindsight perhaps we should have done less driving or taken more time to do it.

Hailuna at Drive Mongolia was amazing every step of the way from the initial request right through to us picking up the vehicle. We did a thorough inventory and everything was in order except that the car lighter for the charger wasnt working. We needed this to charge our phones en route and I am so pleased we checked before we left. Lucky there was a mechanic on site who was able to fix it before we hit the road.

Only issue we had was unfortunately on the last day when we returned the vehicle. A man (the manager?) Came up out of nowhere as soon as we parked the vehicle and aggressively told us we were supposed to clean it (inside and out) before returning it. His aggression was a little alarming and we immediately felt attacked. No one had told us we had to clean the vehicle and where on earth do you find a place to wash a large Landcruiser in the middle of Ulanbataar?? I have rented many cars in my life and NEVER have I had to clean it before I returned it. It makes you wonder what you are paying USD200 a day for when this isnt even part of the service? When we picked up the car we noticed just outside Ulanbataar that the ashtray was full of cigarettes and for that reason we couldnt use the fan during the trip even when it was hot because the cigarette butts stunk so it is a shame that the man was so aggressive about the cleaning situation when we had chosen to overlook the cigarette butts. You cant be angry at people for not cleaning a vehicle if they were never told they had to clean it.

He ended up charging us 40,000 tugrik for the cleaning of the vehicle which we paid but sadly his bad customer service is the last thing we remember from Drive Mongolia. Hailuna was much better with customers and we think she should be manager instead!

The experience was overall amazing and we would still recommend self drive as the best way to see Mongolia.
2019년 9월 28일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다. 트립어드바이저에서는 리뷰를 확인합니다.

브라티슬라바, 슬로바키아포스팅 99건
2019년 9월 • 친구
Well....we rented a 4x4 Toyota provided by this company, but it was a crap. Honestly. 14y old car with almost 400k km. You can imagine how many troubles, during our Mongolian round trip, we been through. When the breaks went off, the office provided us with new car, newer Nissan Patrol, which was better :) it took only 5-6 hours to get the car to the other side of the country. Thumbs up!
So overall, the cars are ready to die, but the company and staff is amazing, ready to help at any time :-)
Go for it!
2019년 9월 2일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다. 트립어드바이저에서는 리뷰를 확인합니다.

Alexander K
포스팅 1건
2019년 8월
Wir haben für einen Trip durch die Mongolei einen Landcruiser HZJ 76 bei Drive Mongolia gemietet . Schriftlich hatte ich einen Termin mit einem Manager vereinbart um den Wagen einen Tag vor Übernahme zu begutachten . Zum vereinbarten Termin war weder der Wagen noch der Manager verfügbar . Man vertröstete mich auf den nächsten Tag . Somit blieb wenig Zeit um den Wagen gründlich zu überprüfen . Der erste Eindruck war ziemlich ernüchternd . Die Karosserie war komplett mit Beulen und
Tiefen Kratzern versehen die Heckstoßstange komplett verbogen Rückstrahler abgerissen die Hecktüren waren nur mit Gewalt zu öffnen . Die Blinkanlage funktionierte nur sporadisch . Trotz diesem Schadensbild sollte ich auf einem Vordruck einzelne Schäden markieren . Erst nachdem ich dies verweigerte und die Karosserie als komplett beschädigt eingestuft haben wollte wurde dies auch umgesetzt . Aus Mangel an einem Ersatzwagen sind wir dann losgefahren . Am 2. Tag bemerkte ich ein lautes schrabbern und sah im linken Außenspiegel wie sich das linke Hinterrad sehr stark bewegte . Die Kontrolle des Hinterrades hat dann ergeben , dass sich die Radmuttern schon komplett aufgedreht hatten und ich das Hinterrad kurze Zeit später verloren hätte . Die Radmuttern waren nach dem Service nicht fest angezogen worden . 2 Tage später konnten wir die hinteren zwei Türen nicht mehr öffnen . Ich musste die Verkleidungen abbauen und die Mechanik wieder gangbar machen . In der 2. Woche vernahm ich von vorne ein mahlendes Geräusch , nach Prüfung stellte ich zu viel Spiel im Radlager fest . Aus Mangel an einer Werkstatt musste ich weiterfahren . Kurz drauf hat sich das Lager verabschiedet . In einer Werkstatt ohne geeignetes Werkzeug wurde das Lager ausgebaut. Ich musste dann bei Drive Mongolia ein Lager aus UlanBatar anfordern, diese Lager kam dann einen Tag später an und wurde unter katastrophalen Umständen wieder eingebaut. Der nächste Mieter wird also mit einem reingemurksten Lager auf Reise geschickt . Es gab keine Entschuldigung für den schlechten Zustand des Fahrzeuges sondern mir wurde bei der Rückgabe die von mir nicht durchgeführte Endreinigung mit 30 Euro berechnet . Den Leuten fehlt es an jedem Gespür für das Geschäft . Solange es keinen zweiten Anbieter für Selbstfahrer gibt wird ihr Geschäftsmodell wohl noch funktionieren . Der Mietpreis steht in keinem Verhältnis zum bereitgestellten Fahrzeug . Das Fahrzeug an sich ist nicht das Problem sondern der Servicezustand . Ich hatte mich bewusst für den 76 er entschieden da ich diesen Wagen hier in Deutschland selbst als Reisefahrzeug besitze . Ich kann nur jedem raten sich viel Zeit zu nehmen und den Wagen vor dem losfahren gründlich zu checken .
2019년 8월 22일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다. 트립어드바이저에서는 리뷰를 확인합니다.
Alexander, Thank you for your reply. We agree that service was not enough done. We will consider your review and will try our best to make it better. I hope your trip was great except some issues with the car. Regards
2019년 8월 24일 작성
이 답변은 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 시설 담당자의 주관적인 의견입니다.

Orlando포스팅 4건
2019년 6월 • 친구
We planned the trip about six weeks prior to our arrival, and were extremely pleased with the service we got from Haliun. She always responded to our questions within 15 minutes, leaving us with peace of mind prior to our arrival.

As we did in southern Africa, a self-drive Landcruiser is the way to go. You can go at your own pace, and make an adventure of the sights as well as enjoy the hardcore capabilities of the Toyota 70 series Landcruiser. We did a mix of sleeping in the small included tent, sleeping in the car (the 76 series seats have extremely poor recline), and freshing up at simple hotels for under $30 USD.

We saw about a third of beautiful Mongolia in nine days, which was a lot of driving, but we were in constant awe of the scenery. Around one turn was mountains, another had free-range yak, and another had a gorgeous lake where a child brought his camels to drink. The weather was great, no hotter than 30C, and no colder than 4C in late June into July.

The only problems were a rear diff lock that never engaged (likely a seized actuator) and an intermittent passenger window actuator. The website says two spare tires are included, but only one was available. The truck did have a Hi-Lift jack and shovel that got us when we needed it.

I would have no hesitations coming back to Mongolia to see more of the amazing, wild country, but I hope a little more maintenance will be performed on the trucks which are by no means cheap to rent. However, the great service quickly made us forget Drive Mongolia is the only outfit in town, and we will have a smile on our face for weeks to come.
2019년 7월 1일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다. 트립어드바이저에서는 리뷰를 확인합니다.

Gorno-Altaysk, 러시아포스팅 8건
2019년 5월 • 커플
Superleuke trip gehad met de bukhanka. This is how we traveled Mongolian style.
Het busje was een superleuke ervaring en heeft ons een topavontuur gegeven in Mongolië.
Regen, sneeuw, zand en rotsen, met de bukhanka kom je overal.
Bedankt aan drive Mongolia om ons een superleuke reis te geven.
2019년 5월 17일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다. 트립어드바이저에서는 리뷰를 확인합니다.

마드리드, 스페인포스팅 11건
2019년 4월 • 커플
Alquilamos dos hondas transalp con ellos para recorrernos Mongolia y llegar hasta el Gobi! Fue una experiencia increible!!

Las motos eran antiguas pero estaban en perfectas condiciones y fueron genial! No tuvimos ninguna avería, solo se nos aflojó un poco una de las cadenas después de 1500km!! Tienen un montón de motos y puedes elegir, te dan un montón de información y nosotros elegimos estás por la comodidad aunque fuesen algo mas antiguas.

Khaliuna nos ayudo muchísimo con el recorrido y los alojamientos, y se preocupó de que todos los días estuviésemos bien y llegásemos a un hogar calentito al que dormir! Se preocupó de ponernos unos cargadores de 12 v en las motos, darnos unas giant loops bags y darnos unos buenos consejos :). Además de contestarnos por email a nuestras 500 dudas siempre rápido y eficientemente.

El manager del local se llama Baatar y no puede ser más encantador!! Un tío súper simpático, un placer haber contactado con el, nos alquilo también una Yamaha wr 250 preciosa para recorrer la ciudad y hacer turismo y estuvimos encantados! Os dejo unas fotos de la mega experiencia!! Nosotros fuimos solos, pero Bataar cuenta con un montón de guías experimentados en su equipo y cantidad de vehículos!
2019년 4월 22일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다. 트립어드바이저에서는 리뷰를 확인합니다.
Super happy to know that you had great time! We will be happy to have you again! Warm regards from Mongolia, Khaliuna
2019년 4월 23일 작성
이 답변은 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 시설 담당자의 주관적인 의견입니다.

lukas r
포스팅 14건
2018년 8월 • 개인
In august 2018 we booked a landcruiser 100 with drive mongolia for a bit more than one week. The tour we did by ourself was absolutly amazing!

Regarding the service of drive mongolia we were very disappointed. When we got there to start our trip at 9am, they hadn't checked the car. Nothing was working, the lights didn't work, the trunk door wouldn't open, the equipment was incomplete, etc. It took 4 hourse to fix the car.

Finally we started and left the parking of drive mongolia. First we had to go fill the tank, because it was almost empty. While leaving Ulaanbaatar, we noticed very soon, that the horn didn't work anymore (the mechanic had handled the fuses while reparing the lights and we didn't check the horn again afterwards). Then at our first stop we noticed that yes, the mechanic had "fixed" the trunk and you could open it, but now you couldn't lock it anymore. So during the whole trip we had to tie the trunk down with a rope when we stopped in the cities and we worried a lot, that somebody would see, that it wasn't really locked.

A plus of the landcruiser is that you can sleep inside. We spent almost every night in it, because with the tent they didn't give us any tent pegs, so we couldn't fix the overtent, and in the evenings it was very windy during our trip. The only time we camped was when we met someone that gave us some tent pegs. That night we also noticed, that one of the matresse had massive leaking problems. Every night we used the sleeping bags drive mongolia gave us. One was very good, the other was way too cold for northern mongolia in august (drive mongolia knew our itinenary when they gave us the equipment).

Last but not least a tire broke. That wasn't a big problem. The big problem was, that the spare tire didn't have enough air - long story short, we lost another 4 hours of our trip.

All in all we really recommend to rent a car in Mongolia, it's amazing! But the service of drive mongolia is crap and the price per day for a landcruiser should be about $110, never $190. You will never get what you payed for, $190 is just way to expensive!

P.S.: contrary to what other reviews say they did not call us once (which wasn't a problem) and they don't have a 24h mechanical service. The reviews on their homepage are very shady, because you can't just put one there by yourself.
2018년 9월 11일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다. 트립어드바이저에서는 리뷰를 확인합니다.

kevin r
포스팅 1건
2018년 8월 • 커플
Très mauvaise agence.
De retour de Mongolie ou nous sommes passé avec cette agence nous sommes très déçus.
Pour commencer, nous avions choisi la location d'un véhicule avec chauffeur bilingue(mongole, anglais), or,le premier jour, une fois sur place, on nous à annoncé que le chauffeur ne serait pas bilingue, mais parlerai uniquement mongole, ce qui complique beaucoup la chose lors d'un voyage non organisé.

il s’avère que le chauffeur que nous avons eu , était un vrai co...., il ne supportai être doublé, et faisait la course constamment avec tout ce qui roule. malgré plusieurs remarque sur sa conduite, il n'a jamais changé , et les trajets étaient vraiment désagréable. il roulait toujours plus vite, s'amusait à contourner les postes de garde pour ne pas payer les droits d'entrée dans les parcs nationaux, klaxonnai sans cesse quiconque passait devant sa voiture (animaux, piéton, policier, autres conducteurs....)
le chauffeur était de plus extrêmement prétentieux et fier de lui, celui ci n'a plus adressé la parole à ma compagne au bout de quelques jours sans que nous ne sachions pourquoi ! même pas de réponse à un bonjour !

concernant la compagnie, le commercial lors de nos premiers echange par mail , nous avait annoncé une consommation de l'ordre de 15 à 18 L /100 km , mais le premier jour de location il nous annonce 20 à 25 L/100 km, ce qui n'est plus tout à fait pareil pour le budget carburant prévu.

conscient que ce genre de véhicule consomme, si nous avions eu de suite les bonnes infos nous aurions peut etre envisager différemment notre circuit et notre budget. mais difficile de réagir le jour J une fois la location payée.

Après le séjour de 15 j réduit au final à 13j du à la mésentente avec notre chauffeur, l'agence n'a évidement pas voulu faire de geste commercial et nous remboursé les jours non utilisés, mais à seulement proposé de nous mettre a disposition un chauffeur le jour du retour à l'aeroport pour nous éviter le taxi. nous avons accepter cette offre et convenu d'un rdv.

le jour du départ, au lieu et à l'heure de RDV nous n'avons jamais vu de chauffeur, apres avoir appeler l'agence, le commercial nous a gentiment dit qu'il n'avait pas de chauffeur , et qu'il n'avait pas de solution pour nous emmener à l’aéroport.

bref , nous avons passé un superbe sejour mais absolument pas grace à cette désastreuse agence, nous pensons qu'il y a des agences beaucoup plus intéressantes pour découvrir ce beau pays. nous ne recommandons absolument pas les services de DRIVE MONGOLIA.
personnel (chauffeur) et service client désastreux.
2018년 8월 27일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다. 트립어드바이저에서는 리뷰를 확인합니다.

Sydney, Australia포스팅 90건
2018년 5월 • 커플
My partner and I hired Drive Mongolia’s Landcruiser 76 series for a 10 day road trip to the East of Mongolia we did earlier this year.

We were really happy with Drive Mongolia! Orgill helped us book our car - he was very helpful and responsive, making suggestions of where to go, itineraries and putting us in touch with a contact he has with the WWF Office in Dadal (the birthplace of Genghis Khan), which turned into a fantastic homestay with a family in Dadal.

In our research, Drive Mongolia was really the only option to hire a car for self-driving in terms of quality of service and safety of their cars. The cars are very well equipped with fire extinguisher, 2 spare tyres, gerry can, recovery tools etc.

Our 10 days looked roughly like this:
Ulaanbaatar > Gorkhi Terelj National Park (2 days) > Camp out in the park > Dadal (3 days) > Chinggis > Khokh Nuur (2 days with day trip to Baldan Beerevan Monastery) > Ulaanbaatar.

A note on self-driving, the road quality is poor and distances take a lot longer than expected (we would say 40km an hour on dirt roads) but it is certainly not impossible to drive yourself. Just be aware that your very well planned trip can change many times (as ours did!) due to a bogged car, an impassable road or underestimating the distance! A couple of things to note:

-We didn't need a GPS, we just used the app and a road network map of Mongolia (purchased at the State Department Store). We also had Mongolian sim cards (purchased at the State Department Store, cheaper than at Drive Mongolia), which was useful for looking things up. Most towns had service.
-The camping equipment you get with Drive Mongolia is fairly limited. If you are going during cold weather, I would recommend bringing a ground cover for the tent and additional warm sleeping bags. You also need to purchase your own gas bottles for the stove. You can find these at most local supermarkets on the road (look for the word 'mapket') It might be worth going to look at the cooking equipment before buying food, so you can see what options you have.
-Camping is possible almost anywhere. There are some things to consider, like how close you are to a river, and Drive Mongolia will give you this info.
-Orgill was so helpful with itinerary suggestions, so make sure you set aside some time to go and chat to him in the office before you go! He also calls regularly when you are out on the road. That's what we loved about Drive Mongolia - they really know their country and are very attentive.

We would highly recommend a self-drive trip with Drive Mongolia and particularly of the East (so much fascinating Genghis Khan history!) and it is less visited than the Gobi area - beautiful, vast steppe as far as you can see.

We know there isn't much info out there on planning your own road trip so if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We've also posted about our trip on our Instagram (@insteppe).
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