Tingkasan Bat Cave

Tingkasan Bat Cave, 비자야스

Tingkasan Bat Cave
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Bat Cave - Boracay Island
4 of us visited the Bat cave at about 4.30pm one evening (8 days ago) New Years Eve 2010.
We made our own was there in the tuk tuks. 2 of us decided to go into the cave to see the bats but 2 of us decided it was too slippery and didn't feel comfortable. At this point we had all paid 50pesos each to be lead to the cave by 'alledged' guides. Our tuk tuk drivers stayed and waited for us.

On leaving the cave the two that went down had said it felt dangerous and very dark and smelly, but also that there were blue sea snakes (deadly and poisonous) only feet away from them.

We all left together and were then asked for more money. We explained that we had already paid our entry fee, in fact 2 of us didnt even go into the cave. The two Tuk Tuk drivers took us to the top of the hill (the guard station) as they had named it where we were met by approx 10 men all asking us for more money. Money that was not advertised or listed anywahere.

The whole experience was quite dangerous and its only a matter of time before these poeple rely on this as a living and take more than the money out of our wallets.

Please be careful.

We have since reported this to the local authorities and to local bar owners. Boracay is a beautiful island - but please always go on organised tours, dont do what we did this day and go - it alone

Jayne & Jason
2010년 1월 7일 작성
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