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파트나, 인도포스팅 106건
Loved the cycle tour
2016년 2월 • 친구
I came to know about it from a friend who used to be a local here. I booked for the cycles along with him. We rode around the beautiful city for hours and it was a lot of fun. Thanks to pedal Chandigarh for this wonderful memory
2016년 8월 28일 작성
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하이데라바드, 인도포스팅 54건
No response - probably not operational anymore
2015년 3월 • 친구
Got to know about this unique venture from Tripadvisor and emailed them a month before reaching Chandigarh. There was no response. In Chandigarh, I called them numerous times and finally got connected a lady, Ms. Vandana Sharma. I tried to book a tour for the weekend. Ms. Sharma promised to get back. I'm still waiting.

Pity, if these people have decided to move on as there are no comparable alternatives in Chandigarh.
2015년 3월 21일 작성
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뉴델리, 인도포스팅 2건
overall good experience
2014년 12월 • 커플
We were travelling to Punjab to meet friends and we saw the activity on tripadvisor. We booked the tour a week in advance and the reply was swift. The owners also asked us about the kind of bikes we want for the tour and also the sizes of the bike. They also sent us the pictures of the kind of bikes they have. The tour started in the morning and our guide Sam was at the site before us. They gave us the cycles to test ride and soon the tour started. We had to follow the guide and we cycles on the cycle tracks most of the time. Whether it was rose garden or leisure valley, the guide gave us proper time and also looked after the bikes and our stuff when we went to see the gardens and other places. The ride to the lake and fort was a relaxed one and we also visited Saketri temple. They made us have our breakfast at Gopal Sweets and it was good. Breakfast and water bottles were included in the cost. one thing which they need to work upon is to give more options of places to have breakfast.
Later, we also rented the bicycles from them and rode to Kasauli for two days.
overall a good experience...
2015년 2월 27일 작성
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Disha R
포스팅 12건
Experience of a lifetime
It was a lovely experience to be cycling around the city and thanks to pedalchandigarh I had a chance to know the city on a first hand basis .!! Cheers to the team :)
2014년 5월 21일 작성
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프라하, 체코공화국포스팅 59건
Mais uma área verde!
2013년 5월 • 개인
Para quem não conhece, a cidade de Chandigarh é considerada a cidade mais verde da Índia. Portanto, uma visita a Pedal Chandigarh sempre é muito bom para respirar um ar puro.
2014년 3월 29일 작성
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New Delhi, India포스팅 10건
Pedal Chandigarh Cycle Trip
2013년 9월 • 친구
It was an awesome fun on the roads of Chandigarh. Unfortunately Sameer wasnt there to guide us but rain filled his place. Cycles were well maintained. Sameer and his friend were helpfull.

Thanks for the Cycle Riding..

All the Best Pedal Chandigarh.
2013년 9월 23일 작성
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Aarash B
게인즈빌, 플로리다포스팅 3건
Best experience in a modern city
2013년 7월 • 커플
Cycling in Chandigarh was the interesting experience for me and my wife' sameer and his friend nishu, hope I typed his name correct, were so kind and helpful-the two cycles were good for city They were american cycle 'we rented cycles for 6 hours and rode 6 hours.Chandigarh was so convenient For riding cycles'it was near isbt sector17
2013년 9월 7일 작성
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Mumbai포스팅 1건
Good Cycles! Knowledgable Guide! Wonderful experience!!
2013년 4월 • 개인
I went to Chandigarh on a personal visit and happened to come across Pedal Chandigarh website on wikitravel. On a short notice Sameer (the person incharge) arranged the bicycle and I went on their regular tour, which takes place early morning (6 - 7 am).

It was a great experience. The cycles were of good quality and regularly serviced. Along with a bicycle ride, Sameer and his friend gave an overview of the history of Chandigarh and showed me important buildings as well as local tourist attractions in the city. Though most of them were closed early morning (7 am!), but i could find my way back to them when they opened.

All in all it was a wonderful experience and I thank the Pedal Chandigarh team for the same.
2013년 8월 21일 작성
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신시내티, 오하이오포스팅 3건
Hands On Experience
2013년 6월 • 개인
I landed in Chandigarh with absolutely no idea what my plans were, after having found out that all of them were canceled upon arrival into the (quite beautiful) city. I found this company through some research on Wikitravel and I am certainly glad that I did. I was able to visit all of the major sites of Chandigarh (Rock Garden, Sukhna Lake, Rose Garden ) on the planned route which was relatively short, and easy to navigate. I'm sure that there were more sights that I simply didn't have the time to see either.

I myself experienced some troubles on the Indian roads but I think that is more a casualty of my own adjustment to the road culture than any problem of the company itself. In fact, I had signed up for a solo trip but I had a guide follow me simply out of the kindness of his heart as it was obvious I was new to the entire concept of navigating such traffic.

Definitely recommend. The quality is good, especially for a new company, and I can only foresee it getting better.
2013년 7월 17일 작성
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Thanks Jessica.. looking towards hosting you again....
2013년 7월 18일 작성
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