Al Khorezmi Memorial Complex
Al Khorezmi Memorial Complex
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오전 12:00 - 오후 11:59
오전 12:00 - 오후 11:59
오전 12:00 - 오후 11:59
오전 12:00 - 오후 11:59
오전 12:00 - 오후 11:59
오전 12:00 - 오후 11:59
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Andrew M
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2019년 7월
The Al Khorezmi Memorial Complex is a short walk south of the airport, on the left. It is one of two memorial complexes in this area. At the entrance to the complex are two small but beautifully decorated tiled structures which each have two sculpted columns facing each other. The buildings have a plaque on them stating the year that the complex was completed i.e. 1999. The name of the complex is in gold letters, in English and Uzbek, at the top of the buildings.

A you walk past the short pine trees into the complex, there are pink painted walls with three arched windows and white screens on either side. The wooden roof of these structures has four sculpted columns beneath. The main structure is at the far eastern end of the complex, It has a tall iwan decorated with pink and brown tiles. The arched area had a grey coloured border, but the interior was similarly decorated to the upper area of the portal. A door was in this area, but it was closed.

The real beauty of the building can be seen from the sides, as the turquoise dome is raised in Iranian style, and there are arches on the base. The area above the arches was decorated with brown tiles, and each arch alternated as a white screen and turquoise tiled section. The sides of the building had three turquoise arches with brown tile decorations above them. A window with a white border was at each side. The dome is best viewed from the rear of the building, which again had turquoise decorations. A white screen window for ventilation was also in this section.

Al Khorezmi, is the short form of, Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī. He was born in Khiva in 780, and is known as one of the greatest mathematicians of all time. He was also famous for his works in astronomy and geography. His famous book on algebra,"The Compendious Book on Calculation by Completion and Balancing", was written between 813–833 and provided the solution of linear and quadratic equations. He is known as the father of algebra and algorithims.

His work included the first map of the world in 830 and he also greatly contributed to the development of clocks and sundials.His methods were unique, as the description of problems did not involve the use of numbers, but were presented in the form of logic and discussion. We were happy to see this complex, as we were in Khiva earlier in the day, and had hoped to view his statue, but it had been removed. The Al Khorezmi Park in the Urgench town center, has a sculpture in his honour.

He gained recognition overseas when he wrote the book,"Khwarezmi on Indian numbers". We were unsure where his actual tomb was located, and could not find out any details about his death in 850. We thought it was a great idea to erect this memorial complex, but hope that there are greater written explanations at the site, about his life and work in the future. The Al Burundi complex is nearby, and if you walk west on Zhaihong Street, the Goyib Ota mosque can also be viewed.
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