Shavat Canal
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Sammy J
하이파, 이스라엘포스팅 87건
풍선 5개 중 5.0
2021년 9월
Once you go north from Chiva, you pass near Urgench and you can see this quite spectacular channel.
The river is quite legendary and the construction bears plenty of history. Worth stopping nearby for several minutes and sightseeing.
2022년 1월 30일 작성
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올덴부르크, 독일포스팅 1,515건
풍선 5개 중 3.0
2019년 10월
Bei dem vielen lauten Autoverkehr in der Stadt ist es eine Erholung, am Kanal entlang zu spazieren, es gibt diverse Parkanlagen und sogar zwei Fußgängerbrücken, um die Seiten zu wechseln.
2019년 11월 17일 작성
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Andrew M
포스팅 7,280건
풍선 5개 중 4.0
2019년 7월
The Shavat canal runs east to west through the city. We thought that this area was the most beautiful in the city. There are five vehicular bridges over the canal, but there are also two pedestrian bridges. The first is south of the Avesta Park and the second in the north of Jalal ad-Din Mingburnu Park. This section of the promenade is the best area to walk and view the parks, attractions and the canal. The canal is also historic, as it stretches for almost 150 km.

The canal is officially known as the Shavat - Kulavat canal. This is because the canal starts in the south east district, which is known as Kulavat. The Amu Darya (Oxus) river which runs through neighbouring Turkmenistan is the source of water for the canal. There are actually two canals which meet in this area before the Shavat begins it's journey as a single canal into Urgench. The most easterly canal is the Levoberezhny Magistralny Canal, which starts at Pitnak. It travels 10 km in a north west direction until it meets the Tashsaka Canal, which is in the district of Kichik-Dzhuvarkhaz. Once these canals meet, the Shavat is formed and travels 70 km to the town center.

After passing through the town center, the canal travels on a north westerly route for 60 km until reaching the district of Yablykangly, which is on the border with Turkmenistan. Urgench was created in the 16th century when the Amu darya river changed it's course and the residents of Konye (Old) Urgench migrated to this area. The Shavat canal is said to have been started in the 17th century. The major work was done by the Soviets in the late 1930's to ensure that there was adequate irrigation for cotton fields. The Amu Darya starts in southern Tajikistan at the border with Afghanistan, and used to run all the way north east to the Aral sea. This has not been the case since the Soviets diverted water from the Amu darya to the 1,100 km Karakum Canal, which caused the Aral sea disaster.

The Shavat canal is an important part of the history of Uzbekistan and it is also a great area to sit and appreciate the views of the city.
2019년 11월 8일 작성
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