Iova Mnogostradalnogo Church
Iova Mnogostradalnogo Church
즐길거리 & 랜드마크건축물종교적인 장소
오전 8:00~오후 8:00
오전 8:00 - 오후 8:00
오전 8:00 - 오후 8:00
오전 8:00 - 오후 8:00
오전 8:00 - 오후 8:00
오전 8:00 - 오후 8:00
오전 8:00 - 오후 8:00
오전 8:00 - 오후 8:00
소요시간: 1시간 미만
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올덴부르크, 독일포스팅 1,515건
풍선 5개 중 4.0
2019년 11월
Diese Orthodoxe Kirche inmitten von Wohnblocks gelegen bildet einen besonderen Kontrast. Die beiden golden bemalten Türme heben sich von der gelben Farbgebung der Wohnblöcke sehr gut ab.
Leider ist die Kirche abgeschlossen und nicht von innen zu besichtigen.
2019년 11월 26일 작성
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Andrew M
포스팅 7,280건
풍선 5개 중 4.0
2019년 7월
The Temple of Job is located on Yeshlik Street, a short walk north west of the Train Station. It is the only orthodox church in Khorezm Oblast, which includes the major cities of Urgench and Khiva. It is in an area of many transportation options as taxis and buses have routes which terminate at the train station. The church was unfortunately closed when we visited, although the sign to the left of the gate had the opening hours as 8am - 8pm. The sign to the right had the year of 2007, which was the year that construction began. The church was built between 2007-2013, and consecrated in 2014.

The church has an interesting design, as it seems to be made up of many small segments, as was common in ancient times when sections were added to the church when funds became available. The front section of the church was a four tiered structure. The lower area was the main entrance with double wooden doors with gold orthodox crosses. There were three arch shaped windows with white borders on either side. The next two sections were for the bell tower, which had eight arches, and the bells inside could be clearly seen. The upper section had four arched windows and was topped by a gold onion dome and cross.

The main section of the church, had double door entrances on either side. Both entrances had a portico with arches, and on either side there was a painting. This section had a round section above with eight arch shaped windows. On top of this area, was a huge gold onion dome with an orthodox cross. The rear of the building had a familiar design on old Russian Orthodox churches of a slightly rounded section with arched windows. This interior area usually hosts the alter and it's many icons and decorations.

The church in Urgench has a long history, as on this site there used to be a church in the late 19th century. The church was ordered closed in Soviet times and only returned to the church community in 2007. The restoration works began the following year. We were a little disappointed not to gain access to the church, and find out more about it's history during Soviet times i.e. what the building was used for. The church is attended mostly by Russians and Koreans, and we thought that it was an important part of the history of the city.

If you head back to the main road, walk to the right, and then turn left on Abulgazi Bakhodirkhan Street, the Roman Catholic Church is a 15 minute walk north just past the bridge over the Shavat canal.
2019년 11월 9일 작성
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