Monument to Jalal ad-Din Mingburnu
Monument to Jalal ad-Din Mingburnu
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Dieses Denkmal des hoch verehrten usbekischen Kriegshelden liegt in einem Park an der Seite des Shavuot Kanals. Es überragt die umliegenden Bögen und Kuppeln.
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The monument to Jalal ad-Din Mingburnu is located in a Park named in his honour on Namangan Street. This is one of the most beautiful areas of the city, as the Shavat canal runs past the northern section of the park, and there is a pedestrian bridge over the canal which offers great views of the canal and park. On entering the park from the western area, the first sight is a beautiful fountain. This is an area where many persons take photos and children play in the jets of spray which are quite high and blown by the wind. An impressive arched area with a blue dome is the main entrance to the park.

There are many benches to sit and relax, and a few kiosks with f&b. The statue of Jalal ad-Din is in the eastern section of the park. Another fountain is in front of the monument, but wasn't working. The sculpture depicts Jalal ad-Din walking with right hand outstretched, and left arm, wth shield, resting on the head of his sword. To the rear of the statue are sculptures of soldiers, which appear as an army. Jalal ad-Din was the last ruler of the Khwarezm Empire which was defeated by the Mongols between 1219-1221.

Jalal ad-Din was the eldest son of Shah Ala ad-Din Muhammad, ruler of Khwarezm. The Shah had initially signed a peace treaty with the Mongols, but had massacred a Mongol trade caravan in 1217. Genghis Khan decided to leave his campaign in China to get revenge on the Khwarezmians. He first attacked Otrar in Kazakhstan where his caravan was attacked. Jalal ad-Din led forces from the capital Samarkand, to an area south of the Syr Darya river to meet the Mongols. Genghis left troops in Otrar, but led the main invasion force in a surprise attack 300 miles across the Kyzyl Kum Desert, destroying the cities of Navoi, Nurata and Bukhara.

The Mongols then moved on to Samarkand in March 1220. The Shah on hearing of the Mongol approach, took approx. 1,000 soldiers and fled the city. Jalal ad-Din arrived to free Samarkand, but was twice denied by the Mongols and had to retreat. Genghis sent his two best commanders to chase the Shah into Afghanistan. The Shah died in hiding on an island in the Caspian Sea in December 1220. Jalal ad-Din then became leader, and consolidated his remaining forces at the Indus River, which was then the border between Afghanistan and India. He did battle with the Mongols here and beat them for the first time since the Mongol invasion began.

Genghis himself led a second army and avenged this defeat, allowing Jalal ad-Din to escape by swimming across the river with his horse. Genghis made mention of the bravery of the new leader. Jalal ad-Din waged constant battles with the Mongols over the next 6 years along the border, and in 1227 his final major battle at Isfahan, ended in defeat but many casualties for the Mongols. He was murdered in Turkey in 1231. He was a source of inspiration for all the other cities which had surrendered to the Mongols.

The Avesta Park is a short walk west and the Al Khorezmi Park a short walk north.
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