Sculpture “In memory of Newton”

Sculpture “In memory of Newton”

Sculpture “In memory of Newton”
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풍선 5개 중 5.0리뷰 3건
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벨에어, 메릴랜드포스팅 297건
풍선 5개 중 5.0
2024년 3월 • 가족
This is located down the steps a few meters away from the entrance of the Dali museum. There is a similar statue inside the museum with the middle globe removed (dangling in hands instead). If you are waiting for access to the museum, go see it. There are no plaques or signs with any info on this statue.
2024년 3월 29일 작성
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Ireland포스팅 62,055건
풍선 5개 중 5.0
2023년 2월
A fabulous interpretation of the giant of physics and a salient tribute to the genius who said, in relation to his discoveries, that he was standing on the shoulders of giants.

In bronze with dark patina, it shows the heart suspended symbolising open heartedness. Analogously the head has a large hole, indicating open mindedness. Two attributes that are essential in discoverers of great seminal truths of life and nature.

Interesting to learn that Dali crafted a number of originals. In some there is a sphere suspended from one of the figure’s hands, symbolising a falling apple that tradition has, inspired Newton’s discovery and mathematical formulation of gravity.

In this version it is absent. But the fingers of the right hand are pinched as though holding an object. So don’t know whether a falling apple ever existed in this version.
2023년 3월 7일 작성
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𝓝𝓪𝓽𝔂 ® 👑
모스크바, 러시아포스팅 140,884건
풍선 5개 중 5.0
2022년 7월 • 커플
This unusual composition is dedicated to the great scientist and the force of gravity, which he discovered. With his sculpture, Dali tried to glorify Newton and his discovery, which influenced the further development of science and expanded the understanding of the laws of physics. In the composition of the famous sculptor, the plastic mobile human figure is balanced by the axis of the pendulum, which is a symbol of the inviolability of the force of universal gravitation. An important element of the sculpture is an apple, the fall of which, according to legend, prompted Newton to make a great discovery. Dali, on the other hand, expanded the meaning of the fruit, combining Newton's apple and what served as a temptation for Adam and Eve into one. The hole in the body of the figure of the sculpture symbolizes openness and sincerity, and in the head - receptivity and objectivity.
2022년 12월 5일 작성
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