Sanchez peak

Sanchez peak, 젠산

리뷰 7건
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It takes a good hike to make it but the views are worth it!
2018년 11월 • 커플
It's a bit difficult to find as some drivers don't know how to get there or where the closest drop off point is (if you rent a taxi for the day they will wait on you to trek to the top and back.) You should stop by the city office and they will give you information about the conditions of the trail, sometimes the trail is blocked or heavy rains will make the water crossings treacherous. The views from the trail and the apex are impressive. On a clear day you can overlook General Santos and Sarangani Bay. Be prepared for a long hike.
2019년 7월 6일 작성
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젠산, 필리핀포스팅 89건
went with a group of radio control car enthusiasts we drove RC cars for 6km to the summit
2019년 1월 • 친구
at age 75 with a bunch of young guys all under 40 I ventured the climb to the peak .we were able to drive to a parking spot approx 6 km from the top from there we walked .controling RC model cars along the way .I found it Tiring but I wasn't going to quit . no mater what your age if you are reasonably fit you should be able to make the climb . there was one spot where I needed a helping hand ,but I found out later there was an easier track I could have taken . The views from the top were worth the climb ,and the local food available was reasonably priced . certainly not 5 star but tasty and cheap .
2019년 2월 13일 작성
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streetfood a
젠산, 필리핀포스팅 9건
Overview Gensan.
2017년 10월 • 가족
Best with friends or familiy to relax and have fun enjoying the view of General Santos. surely you will Enjoy!
2018년 8월 30일 작성
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Andrea Irinna V
Panabo City, 필리핀포스팅 39건
The best 360 degrees view of GenSan.
2017년 4월 • 친구
First of all, Sanchez Peak is greatly an underrated tourist spot in General Santos. I went there with my friends to do mountain climbing and we were so lucky we got ourselves a tour guide who was so knowledgeable about everything in Sanchez Ridge. We climbed at around 2 PM and I must say that the trail was not that hard though we chose to pick the Difficult Trail. There are spots going up to the mountain that took my breath away. It was so beautiful I just could not give a proper word for it. And saying it was beautiful was even an understatement. The peak of the mountain offers a 360 degrees view of General Santos City, Mt. Apo, Mt. Matutum, Mt. Parker and Sarangani Bay even a glimpse of Samal Island according to the locals. This ridge is highly recommended to first time hikers. You can even camp there or rent a cottage or a room once you reach the peak. And you can even say hello to very friendly dogs.
2018년 3월 14일 작성
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zylle p
포스팅 21건
A place of steady winds
2017년 3월 • 친구
We took the trail at about 5:30 am. The sun was already rising and we start to feel the scorching heat. on the way up, we can feel the steady winds guiding us from the peak up to the time we came down.. i love the place, i'll try to come back to this place for an overnight camping.
2017년 3월 28일 작성
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Kim T
젠산, 필리핀포스팅 8건
Panorama as its BEST : Kim Tiblani Adventures
2017년 3월 • 가족
Great for all outdoor enthusiasts, backpackers, mountaineers, trail runners or just a seasoned climber. See GenSan's panoramic view in this place while experiencing the outdoors. And you can also see the almost all mountain ranges of South Cotabato, GenSan and Sarangani; including the Majestic Mt. Matutum. A must-visit place, for outdoor and nature lovers. (You can also do reservations, food preparations like native chicken and tour/mountain guides.)

If you want do contact me, if you want to experience Sanchez Peak in an awesome way. And get a chance to have photos taken by me and be included in my Kim Tiblani Adventures : Weekend Warriors vlog and album. Yep, I do it during weekends. So see you here on your next trip!

#GlobeTelecom #GlobeCreateWonderful
2017년 3월 19일 작성
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젠산, 필리핀포스팅 80건
Nice and romantic place
2016년 4월 • 가족
I am not impressed with their food. I was expecting more on their food. They should hire a good cook. But in fairness, the place is impressive.
2016년 8월 26일 작성
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