Twin Lakes

Twin Lakes, 레드빌

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브릿지턴, 미주리포스팅 3건
Relax and enjoy the quiet
2021년 9월
This is a small community but has real CO charm with fall colors and beautiful views! Enjoy the Shooting Star gallery with local artists selling their reasonably priced works!
2021년 9월 16일 작성
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Mary S
덴버, 콜로라도포스팅 2건
Gorgeous Views!
2021년 7월
Great place for paddle boarding, camping and hiking. Amazing views! My dog and I had a ton of fun!!!
2021년 9월 12일 작성
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웨스트필드, 인디애나포스팅 273건
Awesome easy hike - great views
2021년 6월
Beautiful hike around the lakes and further if you choose. Cool old house to explore and other buildings too. Stunning views from northwestern shores looking east.
2021년 8월 3일 작성
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블루밍턴, 미네소타포스팅 2,342건
A not-so-hidden gem, but hidden anyway
2021년 7월 • 커플
We are from Minnesota and were simply meandering across the mountains seeing the sights. We came down Independence Pass and stumbled upon people beaching and kayaking. This is a state park and you need $7.00 cash or check to put in the box if you don’t have a State Parks pass. It is a short walk down to the lake on a gravel hill; not suitable if you are in wheelchair or use a walker. The beach is beautiful, it is part smooth rocks and part fine sand. I would have grabbed my water shoes from the car for beaching, but it’s really nice and soft on the bottom. The water is mountain runoff and I didn’t anticipate that the water would be so cool (not cold) after this horrendous heat here this summer. Bring your beach chairs. There is no food here and none close by. There are no fires allowed due to the stage 1 fire danger in Colorado at this time. People were boarding and kayaking on the lake and the water is not so cold to present a danger. We really loved this laid back place to let our dog take a dip. We saw a few pups galloping around and there is a lot of room for dogs and people to stay away from each other. We were there late in the afternoon and a lot of kayaks were getting off the lake at 4:00 pm. There is a sign and some regulations about dog feces (they are considered to attract invasive species) and about human waste. There is a bathroom in the gravel parking lot which we didn’t think was working, but then a family pulled up off the highway and went in the other side. We really loved this place and the cool dip before heading onto Leadville.
2021년 7월 29일 작성
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사우스캐롤라이나포스팅 17건
A visit to Twin Lakes, Colorado
2021년 6월
We were looking for that place with a nice feel to it to enjoy the ambiance of the mountains. We certainly found that at the Twin Lakes Lodge. We had room number two and it was nicely decorated and well laid out. We had plenty of room for the two if us. They had coffee, juice and nice fresh pastries in the morning as well. We sat on the outside side porch to enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains and lake. We went for a walk around the town and also over to the park across the street. We certainly enjoyed our stay here and we recommend staying here. There is a nice restaurant next door that we had two great meals in and recommend that as well. It closes early so go eat before 8:00 PM!
2021년 7월 13일 작성
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Sue G
윌밍턴, 노스캐롤라이나포스팅 166건
Beautiful Vistas
2021년 6월
Stopped here on a gorgeous drive through the mountainside. Beautiful views and I would spend longer next time!
2021년 7월 7일 작성
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사이프러스, 텍사스포스팅 835건
Make this part of Independencw Pass drive
2021년 6월 • 가족
We were on our way back to Avon from driving Indepence Pass. We decided to make a quick stop at the lake, just to enjoy the beauty. The breeze felt so cool. The waters were blue and calm. Would be interesting to camp around the area
2021년 6월 23일 작성
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Kyle K
포스팅 8건
Picturesque Colorado
2021년 2월
I have visited Twin Lakes twice, once for an overnight camp stay in August 2020 and Feb 21 for a quick visit.

The area is BEAUTIFUL year around, the surrounding mountains is what Rocky Mountain Post Cards are made of. In August we camped at one of the camp grounds and woke up to senic views. The Twin Lakes mercantile/general store was very nice and friendly. The store clerk even made a fresh pot of coffee and gave us a cup since it was rather cool that evening. In February the lake was frozen and the snow covered mountain's was breath taking. The highway leads to Independence Pass which is you direct pass into bougie Aspen. If you enjoy simple camp life then Twin Lakes should be on your list
2021년 2월 6일 작성
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오마하, 네브래스카포스팅 233건
drove after visiting leadville
2020년 10월
not much of value down there unless your fishing. its pretty but not a big deal . almost no services in the village
2020년 10월 27일 작성
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휴스턴, 텍사스포스팅 574건
Nice side trip
2020년 10월
On the way back from Leadville we stopped here on a recommendation by Friends. Lovely views and a nice outlook.
2020년 10월 26일 작성
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