Colorado Midland Centennial Trail

Colorado Midland Centennial Trail, 레드빌

Colorado Midland Centennial Trail
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앤 아버, 미시간포스팅 1,702건
Fascinating piece of railroad history, with a ghost town thrown in
2017년 7월 • 친구
For years, I had been spending much time in Leadville in the summer without knowing about this trail, and am sorry I had not found it sooner. From the trailhead, you hike a ways along an old railbed until you come to one of the endpoints of one of the most impressive pieces of engineering of the nineteenth century, an amazing railroad trestle twisting its way high above a gulch. (Unfortunately, all that now remains of it is spars and planks littering the gulch the trestle once spanned, but do poke around on the Web until you find photos of it. I'd post one here, except for the possibility of copyright violation.) After doing a switchback to gain some elevation, you pass through the old ghost town of Douglass City (reviewed elsewhere on Tripadvisor), then up a slope to the higher end of the same railbed you hiked to get to this point. A left turn at this point lets you look into the Hagerman Tunnel (also reviewed on Tripadvisor), but don't go in! As a warning sign points out, the remains of the tunnel have numerous interesting ways of offing you.

From that point you can retrace your steps to return to the trailhead, but it is more interesting to follow the railbed back from Hagerman Tunnel, passing the point on the railbed's flanks where you climbed up to it. You will see more trestle remains and interesting scenery (including Hagerman Lake) as you loop around and eventually intercept your ascent route just before you originally reached Douglass City. A left turn then takes you back to the trailhead.

Do watch the skies, though. At the far end of that loop, you are a long way from safety if the skies turn bad and a thunderstorm brews up.

To drive to the trailhead, take Hagerman Pass Road past the Native Lake and Windsor Lake Trailheads, taking the sharp right turn where the road starts ascending, and after a climb you will see the large parking lot on the right just across the road from the trailhead. The road to that point should be easily passenger car passable provided you keep your eyes open as you drive it.
2018년 6월 30일 작성
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