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Pamela R
포스팅 1건
2020년 6월
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Artsy Abode
My husband purchased several charms for me from the artsy abode. A couple of days ago, I noticed a that one of the charms was broken and the dangle what was attached to the charm was lost. I called in to the Artsy Abode, Monday May 24, 2021. I explained to representative that the charm was broken.

Her response was short from the beginning as if she was too busy to help me. She asked me how long ago did I buy it. I told her I didn’t know. She asked me if I had the one-year warranty. I told her I did not buy one. Then she said it is automatic. That confused me but I said OK. She asked for my phone number. I gave it to her and she said, “we don’t have that number.” I gave her my cell and my husband’s cell and she said in the same short almost rude way, “We don’t have that number either.”

I said I don’t understand how that’s possible because I’ve purchased so many times from you. I said we purchased our charms when you were in the strip mall on Blanding. She said, “We’re not there anymore. We’re in the mall.” I said, “So you don’t have any record of the purchases made in the other location?” She said no. Then she said, “Well you can call the owner.” I thought why would I call the owner. I don’t even have the owners number and I can’t imagine that the owner would want their phone number just passed out. I said, “Why wouldn’t you call the owner?” She said, “Well we can’t help you.” I said, “OK, well then I’ll just write a review.” She said, “Yeah, you do that.”

So that’s what I’m doing. I would never go to that store and buy anything ever again. What strikes me as strange is even though it’s a Pandora product, does the Artsy Abode not need any customers? Do they have enough? But the one thing that came through loud and clear was the Artsy Abode did not need or want me as a customer. The Artsy Abode was not interested in helping me and was not going to help me. The Artsy Abode does not care how I felt about it.
2021년 5월 26일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

Arthur Ratliff
디케이터, 조지아포스팅 142건
2021년 1월
There are lot of places to shop in St. Augustine but this one one of the best. We liked all of the artwork by local artists. We loved the staff. They were all excellent and very attentive.
2021년 2월 1일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

포스팅 1건
2021년 1월
We had a TERRIBLE experience with both the Store Mgr and Regional Mgr 1/2/21. Bought a Alex and Ani bracelet for my wife for Christmas in November. I had already bought the same 1 year before, so we went to exchange ii. They told us that this was Not sold at there store and made the accusation that I was trying to decieve them, even when I had the reciept for the purchse. They embarrassed us in front af a store full of customers insisting they it did not come from there store and that I could not have bought it there. Also after sitting in the box (only opened once) it had tarnished and they claimed this could not happen. We left the bracelet in the store and will NOT shop there again. Management could have handled this better!!
2021년 1월 3일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

포스팅 1건
2020년 6월 • 가족
Dena was absolutely amazing! This is a cute boutique with an array of jewelry , sandals and decor. I got a super cute ankle! Definitely a must to stop by!!!
2020년 6월 26일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

Karen Smith
포스팅 1건
2020년 3월 • 개인
I loved visiting the store. So many unique things. Employees were so incredibly helpful including Stephanie. She was helping me find a pandora ring that I saw her wearing which I loved and wanted to get. Then her coworker, Dena, came up and interrupted us and rudely sent Stephanie away and told her that she would take over from here. That put a bad taste in my mouth because Stephanie was so nice and she was clearly uncomfortable and so she left. I hope Dena realizes that that was rude and you shouldn’t interrupt people in the middle of a conversation. I’ve worked in retail before and that was unacceptable. I will be going back and specifically asking for Stephanie, she was such a sweetheart.
2020년 3월 13일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

Barbara C
포스팅 1건
2020년 3월 • 친구
Found super cute rings! Dena went above and beyond to make sure I was happy and excited about my purchase. Great personality and very helpful!!!
2020년 3월 7일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

Carole S
포스팅 2건
2020년 2월
Ladies were so helpful with my shopping for a new Pandora bracelet. We did a sea theme, mermaid, palm tree, etc. Patty and Cindy were so nice.
2020년 2월 24일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

Deacon John T
세인트오거스틴 비치, 플로리다포스팅 72건
2020년 2월 • 커플
What A great store. Had a wonderful time talking with Cindy. We purchased several items. She was very very helpful!
2020년 2월 17일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

포스팅 1건
2020년 1월
Store had interesting things. Dena was very helpful to us. I would visit the store again.
Purchased few items that were different.
2020년 1월 24일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

Jaclyn J
콜럼버스, 오하이오포스팅 6건
2020년 1월 • 친구
A great shop. You're sure to find something interesting. I'm sure I'll be back. Dena was very helpful.
2020년 1월 24일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

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