Plas Brondanw Gardens

Plas Brondanw Gardens, Llanfrothen

Plas Brondanw Gardens

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Hertfordshire포스팅 1,111건
Truely a hidden gem
2021년 8월
Plas Brondanw really is a hidden gem. Every bit as lovely as Portmeirion, but without the other visitors. While we were there I think there were only four other small family groups visiting. It was a pleasant Sunday afternoon in August (some sun and some showers)... but still very few people.

The gardens are those of Clough Williams-Ellis own home, where he lived from 1908 to 1978. Most of the garden pre-dates his work on Portmeirion. They are an amazing example of gardens in an arts and crafts style, sitting perfectly in their landscape - close to the mountains and the coast. There are Italian elements as at Portmeirion, with yew trees and lime trees giving structure. It also has a theatrical quality, as if a troop of performers will enter from the side. Don;t miss the walk up to the monument and folly - a castle like feature in the woods. Which has lovely views back to the coast.

The gardens are clearly well maintained (and loved) without being overly fussy. The day we visited the tearoom/ cafe was closed (the toilets are still open even when the cafe is closed). So we moved to the very nearby, and recently re-opened Brondanw Arms for lunch. A lovely day out.

The day we visited there was an honesty box for garden admission and the parking you pay by card. Historic Homes members are free.
2021년 8월 22일 작성
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Philip D
포스팅 1건
Hidden gem
2021년 5월
We arrived on a hot summer's day, was so surprised at this beautiful garden what a gem, we all enjoyed the cafe just what is needed after the past year and a half.. we also loved the back drop of the Welsh mountains breathe taking... the garden is well maintained and could tell that efforts where under way to sort the flower beds which run the length of the main garden, for anyone with any knowledge of gardening this is a massive undertaking, so well done, we also noticed that lawns where being cut and wedding taking place, we spoke at length to who we found out only at the end of our conversation was the head gardener Kimberly,,, what a wealth of knowledge and passion for her work, we could not understand how she copes with such a demanding work load. She did mention that there is a volunteers.

There are 2 negative's, firstly the Privet Hedges these which happen to be one of the stand out features where unkept...even after a year and half of lockdown seem's odd to us....
2nd after doing a little research into both Portmeirion and Plas Brondanw it's appears that the family of Sir Clough Williams-Ellis still own both sites.. we are not sure who runs Portmeirion site,,but the Property at Plas Brondanw was Sir Clough Home and is run by this family,, you would think that THE FAMILY would care more for the latter but no.. from the slate paths which need attention to some of the statues.... everything left to 1 person reflects the real attitude of the owners. We would again like to thank the Kimberly Gardener for her love of plants and for the garden, keep up the good work.... as with most cases I imagine she receives little in the way of appreciation from those who should know better we might be wrong hope so.
2021년 7월 2일 작성
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포스팅 47건
Crwydro BronDanw
2021년 6월 • 개인
Lyfli o brynhawn / lovely afternoon . Spent here this afternoon exploring Brondanw and it gardens . Had a nice snack outside on the patio lovely little cafe good service and presentation . Diolch
2021년 6월 29일 작성
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요크셔, UK포스팅 2,762건
Great topiary
2021년 6월
Owned by the same folk that own Port Merion, a good garden to walk round, though the beds need some attention Some good topiary dotted around
2021년 6월 20일 작성
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Gareth and Judi... W
맨체스터, UK포스팅 17건
Lovely litte garden - don't miss the woodland walk!
2021년 6월
Lovely garden if a little small. One of the best bits is the small woodland area just outside of the formal garden with a folly in it - it would have been very easy miss this, they could do with making it a bit more obvious to visitors. The cafe sold excellent coffee and home made cakes.
2021년 6월 19일 작성
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Newport, UK포스팅 51건
Somewhat disappointed.
2021년 6월
I was somewhat disappointed by this garden. There a lots of garden ‘rooms’, viewpoints and vistas, separated by yew hedging. The structure of the garden was very good, but the planting was disappointing. There’s just one herbaceous border, which was being ‘renovated’. But even allowing for that, you could see that there weren’t many special or interesting plants there at all.
To be honest, I think the owners need to invest in more gardeners, there is just one full time, one seasonal and one volunteer. And it showed, for a garden open to the public, it needs to be better presented, lawns edged, better planting etc.
2021년 6월 18일 작성
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Alistair M
노샘프턴, UK포스팅 189건
If you like Portmeirion...
2021년 6월
This is an exercise in how to create many gardens out of one garden. It's worth taking your time as there are so many views and view points that make up this landscape. Really pleased we added this to our itinerary. There is a lovely looking tea shop and we wished we hadn't just had lunch.

When you come out of the property, across the road there is a path leading up to a tower from which there are extraordinary views.
2021년 6월 18일 작성
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슈롭셔(주), UK포스팅 270건
2021년 5월 • 커플
Our first visit and one we will remember! Beautiful gardens and magnificent buildings! We were fortunate with the weather and enjoyed a lovely lunch at the cafe! The views are stunning with vistas over Snowdonia! Across the road a footpath to the tower/folly is worth the effort! Clough Williams Ellis created a masterpiece in Portmeirion but his stamp is well and truly present here! Highly recommended! 💜
2021년 5월 31일 작성
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Madalyn H
허더즈필드, UK포스팅 1,644건
Delightful gardens
2021년 5월
Interesting and well kept historic garden with fantastic views north over Snowdonia and several well designed garden rooms, with well placed statutary. Pleasant tea room with good service and plenty of outdoor seating.
2021년 5월 11일 작성
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Mike M
버밍엄, UK포스팅 14건
A Gateway to Snowdonia
2020년 9월
We love coming here as part of holidaying in Snowdonia: great Welsh hospitality, great views, lovely garden, and especially good cream tea / cakes.
2020년 9월 28일 작성
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