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Rians, 프랑스포스팅 57건
2018년 7월
Mes meilleurs souvenirs sont ceux que j'ai partagés avec les touaregs de la Région d'Arlit .Durant 5 années j'ai aimé cette région.1977/1982
2019년 6월 4일 작성
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카오르, 프랑스포스팅 10건
2014년 8월 • 친구
ha le désert que dire .... une pure merveille avec un soleil qui mesure 10 fois plus que le notre une sensation de liberté mais aussi d inquiétude mais une expérience a ne pas rater nous avons dormi dans le sable a meme le sol
2015년 7월 16일 작성
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리스본, 포르투갈포스팅 280건
2013년 10월 • 친구
The Tenéré Desert is one of the greatest seas of sands in the Sahara. It is limited on the West by the impressive AIr Mountains (almost 2000 m), home of the delightful valley and village of Timia and its guelta, always full water (sometimes with a huge waterfall) and 600 km to the East by the remote Djado Plateau inhabited by the black Toubou. On the middle of the desert there are a very few oasis towns, like Bilma and Dirkou, where salt is explored and exported for centuries. The desert, as big as France, is just crossed by Tuaregs on camels or in toyotas and occasionally by the last caravans advancing slowly in the dunes regions. It´s a majestic place, with rupestral souvenirs of the times where Sahara was green. Now apparently is an almost empty place that will quickly be filled with our deep emotions under the inclement sun during the days and the myriads of bright stars during the night,
2014년 2월 13일 작성
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Jos, 나이지리아포스팅 137건
2013년 1월
January 2011 was the first time I went with a medical team to Niger SIM. We stay at the guest house in the hospital. It was very interesting helping the missionaries working there.
It is a desert. Every where dry and windy sand blowing every now and then. It is very cold in the mornings and evening. But sometimes very hot and sunny in the afternoons.
Our stay was cut short because of the election that was to hold on 11th 12th there will be restriction of movement. We were also informed that there was rumour of fighting in retaliation to the french man that was killed a few day before the 10th when we had to leave for our safety. We returned to Niger to meet serious killings in Jos Plateau.
Our stay at the mission guest house was very comfortable. The rooms are clean and had everything. There is a big library a big children play room with different toys for all ages. Food and drinks are available. A cook was arranged for us to prepare our meals to our taste. Laundry is available too at a very reasonable cost. There are gardens all over the mission house so all types of fruits and vegetables were available.
We had fun at the market place where the male doctors had turban tied on them and the female wore hijab.
It was fun riding on camel in Niger
2013년 9월 17일 작성
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