De Muse Accordion Museum
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발랑스, 프랑스포스팅 281건
2019년 12월 • 친구
Très bel endroit, rassemblant un bar, une salle de spectacle une boutique d'accordéons et d'harmonicas et un musée (4€/pers)de ces deux instruments.
Vous y serez accueilli avec le sourire et vous pourrez rencontrer des musiciens et des passionnés.
Heureux d'avoir découvert cet endroit grâce à George.
2019년 12월 29일 작성
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Malden, 네덜란드포스팅 216건
2019년 3월 • 친구
matige kroeg met gezellig terras op het kerkplein van Malden. Bij mooi weer een goede plek om te zitten. Uitbaters zijn niet al te vriendelijk.
2019년 3월 20일 작성
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Joop V
에드, 네덜란드포스팅 2,124건
2017년 11월 • 커플
De Muse is een museum dat ook vele middagen c.q. avonden muziek aanbied en dan niet in de vorm van disco, maar levende muziek met echte bandjes. Uiteraard ligt het thema altijd op het gebruik van de muziekinstrumenten welke in het museum te zien zijn. Probeer dan ook uw bezoek te combineren met een muziekmiddag of avond, u zal er geen spijt van krijgen.
2017년 11월 13일 작성
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Paul M
Overasselt, 네덜란드포스팅 56건
2017년 10월
In een oorspronkelijk schoolgebouw is een accordeonmuseum gevestigd op de bovenverdieping. De eigenaar is een rappe verteller en speler van het mooie instrument
2017년 11월 6일 작성
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튈뷔르흐, 네덜란드포스팅 378건
2016년 8월 • 친구
Tijdens een bezoek aan Velp en omgeving even dit museaum bezocht. Was helaas bijna aan einde van de dag dus veel tijd hadden we niet. Desondanks geen spijt. Enthousist ontvangen met lekker glas fris en uitleg over hetgeen er te zien was. Was leuke ervaring met leuke muziek. Echt een aanrader.
2017년 1월 8일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다. 트립어드바이저에서는 리뷰를 확인합니다.

네이메헨, 네덜란드포스팅 131건
2013년 8월 • 친구
Every year in June thousands of people march through the village of Malden on thir way to Nijmegen. It is the famous Four Day March of soldiers, policeman, and thousands of ordinary people travel across the world to take part in a festival that has lasted nearly one hundred years.Many of the marchers have discovered behind the new Malden town hall the 150 year old school building with its adjoining 18th century farm house. Twenty years ago the school became an Accordian Museum, teaching centre and music centre for folk to classical music gigs. The inspiration for this centre was ex-circus artist and conservatoire trained musician Henk Kuik and his equally hard-working wife, Trix. Any traveller driving up from Maastrict north along the Rijsweg (N844) to the river Waal port city of Nijmegen who is interested in accordians,or even to enjoy a good Belgium or Dutch beer and a snack will discover that Henk Kuik is a curator of many talents. He can sell you an accordian, or if you are in the district for a time, help to teach you. The Sunday afternoon gigs bring performance artists from across the world. It is always full. Now, with the addition of the old farm house, there is an open air garden used for concerts and a good place to drink, eat and sing if you want. The creation of De Muse was a kick-start to the community give the expanding village of Malden a new cultural centre. Complete with a well designed modern church, cinema, restaurants and a theatre placed inside new town hall building-a rather drab building that is unadventurous to the eye, the inside of the House of the Accordions has a sense of place. Pictures abound and my favourite is of the lovely large lady playing an accordion whilst sitting on the back of a donkey with a violinist flying above her. It has the spirit of a Chagall painting as does the whole place. If you want to get up and sing at a gig, then do so. I did try once to learn the play an accordion with some encouragement from Henk, but it was not to be, so I haved stuck to singing. The art of travelling in what are known as the lands of the rivers Maas and Waal, is to seek out the hidden secrets. All the villages and small medieval towns store such secrets. They are like hidden gems. De Muse is one of the gems to find. And for people who like public transport. Take an 83 bus from Nijmegen's Central railway station to route to Gennep or Venlo and asked to be dropped off at Malden's Town Hall then look for this musical jewel.
2013년 9월 16일 작성
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