Palvan Kori Minaret
Palvan Kori Minaret
역사적인 장소즐길거리 & 랜드마크건축물
오전 12:00~오후 11:59
오전 12:00 - 오후 11:59
오전 12:00 - 오후 11:59
오전 12:00 - 오후 11:59
오전 12:00 - 오후 11:59
오전 12:00 - 오후 11:59
오전 12:00 - 오후 11:59
오전 12:00 - 오후 11:59
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싱가포르, 싱가포르포스팅 4,194건
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2019년 9월
2020년 4월 5일 작성
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Andrew M
포스팅 7,280건
풍선 5개 중 5.0
2019년 7월
The Palvan Kori Minaret was one of the first attractions that we saw on our arrival in Khiva. We walked from the train station on Polvon Kori Street which bisects the old city as it's main street. This is one of six minarets on a east to west line of sight through Khiva. This is the only cylindrical designed minaret in the city. It serves at the focal point of the complex which also includes a madrasah. We were eager to visit the madrasah, as we heard that it was built in a mix of Asian and European architectural styles.

Unfortunately the madrasah was undergoing repairs and there was no access as debris was outside the main entrance, and we could hear workmen inside. We viewed the portal ,domes and the guldastas which were visible from outside. The portal and guldastas still have decorative tiles, but a few had fallen off. There were four decorative ribbons on the minaret and five arch shaped windows with screens near to the top. There were stalactite designs just below the green cap. A crescent shape monument topped the minaret.

The height of the minaret is 21 meters. The minaret and madrasah were completed in 1905, by a wealthy merchant, Palvan Kari. The street running in front of the complex is named in honour of Palvan, and the eastern gate of the inner city is also named in his honour - Palvan darvaza. Hopefully the repairs to the madrasah can soon be completed, so that the complex may be restored to it's former glory. Another minaret is a short walk to the left in the Abd Al Bobo complex. Note that these minarets are outside the inner city, as is the case with the Bikajon Bika minaret, which is a short walk west of the inner city west gate.
2019년 10월 19일 작성
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