Tibiscum - Roman Camp

Tibiscum - Roman Camp, Caransebes

Tibiscum - Roman Camp
오전 10:00~오후 6:00
오전 10:00 - 오후 6:00
오전 10:00 - 오후 6:00
오전 10:00 - 오후 6:00
오전 10:00 - 오후 6:00
오전 10:00 - 오후 6:00
오전 10:00 - 오후 6:00
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Jupa, Caransebes 루마니아

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티미쇼아라, 루마니아포스팅 7,129건
2020년 8월
Again I start with a message - GO AND SEE it!

Once more about a place that could be a very interesting (well for me it is still) tourist attraction, however it seems forgotten by authorities and tourists.
The Roman Camp "Tibiscum" - one ( maybe the most important fortified encampment of the Roman army in the region of Banat) of the fortified encampments in the region - built in 106 A.D. after the conquest of Dacia.
Unearthed back in the 1970-80's period - still an active archeological site (or at least it is a so called Archeological Reservation, whatever that means ) but once again not well maintained, not "marketed" and somewhat unknown even that it is very accessible.
Getting there is easy - if you come from the direction of Lugoj on the road E70, just before entering Jupa - very close to Caransebes - you turn left - if coming from Caransebes - turn right. After like 1 km on a fairly decent road you will get to the "gate" - there you stop and get under the barrier there and you can enter ...
Yes its open daily for visiting except Mondays - still the entrance is not "open" .
The place itself it is very interesting from the historical perspective and it holds a lot of potential, pity that nowadays the ancient walls are covered in weed, the entrance bridge mock-up is rotting away and you can barely figure out what is where.
It is so much more to it - it has a great potential for "historical tourism " for instance - for school trips and teaching the kids something interesting, etc.
Visiting is free of charge - the place is near an orchard and you can park the car on a meadow , yes no parking - but since its semi-abandoned status you need to read a bit about this place since there is nobody on the site to give you details.
So, to conclude , Tibiscum is a very interesting site, part of the Roman heritage, that today it's slowly but surely falling into oblivion, given this I urge all of you stop here for a brief visit once you are in the area, maybe if we show interest the authorities will do something about it.
2020년 8월 19일 작성
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