Gaung Se Kyun

Gaung Se Kyun, Mawlamyine

리뷰 13건
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리옹, 프랑스포스팅 429건
Ça occupe un moment !
2019년 2월 • 커플
C'est tout petit ! La traversée prend 5 mn et coûte 2500 Ks par personne ! Beaucoup de verdure nous protège du soleil. C'est agréable. Il y avait quelques chiens très hargneux (même si on nous a dit qu'ils étaient sans danger), du coup nous avons évité le secteur où ils se trouvaient !
2019년 3월 18일 작성
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Winfried M
포스팅 14건
A nice and quiet place
2017년 6월 • 개인
I went there in the early morning; I was the only tourist, saw just a few monks, nuns and gardeners around, doing their work. a nice, shady and quiet place, good to relax. A smal island, covered with trees and lots of stupas and Buddha statues. You have to walk around the whole island barfooted. The only annoying thing were the hostile dogs at some places. The crossing by boat is already a lovely experience, with the best view to the bridge I have seen.
2017년 7월 14일 작성
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Davide V
밀란, 이탈리아포스팅 39건
50 k shades of Buddha
2016년 11월 • 개인
A myriad of Buddhist statues and shrines cover almost the whole surface of this little island. Hindu gods are represented too. Very pleasant for a half-day stroll. If you are a single male I suggest you kindly decline the invitation of a young monk to show you around. He is just very gay and very openly and hitting on you. Unless of course you are gay and think you might like that, but bear in mind it's still a holy place where abstinence should be observed.
The 5 minute boat transfer is to be paid when coming back to the mainland, if you are with locals you'll pay 1000 (hand them the cash and pay together) otherwise you'll be charged 2000 just for being a foreigner. They'll ask you 3000, you know that the real price is 1000, but you can settle for 2000, in short.
2017년 4월 7일 작성
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리옹, 프랑스포스팅 597건
2017년 1월 • 커플
La traversée dure 5 minutes et le tour de l'île 15. C'est très petit mais sympa et ça occupe. Le ponton est accessible à pieds depuis le centre ville et l'aller retour coûte 2000 par personne.
2017년 1월 31일 작성
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Paris, Ile-de-France, France포스팅 72건
Mouai mouai
2016년 12월 • 커플
L'île du shampoing aurait bien besoin d'être shampoingnee.
Le trajet en bateau prend 5 min et coûte 2000 par personne aller retour. Les gars des bateaux ne sont pas super aimables.
L'île doit être assez agréable sous le soleil car ombragée. Par contre, le sol est sale et étant pieds nus ce n'est pas tjs agréable. Un petit coup de balais de temps en temps serait chouette. De plus, les pagodes semblent presque toutes sans vie et les quelques personnes sur place ne nous ont pas adressées un sourire.
La visite prend 30 min
2016년 12월 8일 작성
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양곤(랑군), 미얀마포스팅 48건
No shampoo
2016년 11월 • 친구
Beautiful little place to spend an hour waking around. Well shaded in the trees and different temples.
2016년 11월 21일 작성
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요크셔, UK포스팅 5,909건
Fairly small island - relaxing shady place full of stupas and walkways.... great place to chill out and watch the Monks
2016년 3월 • 커플
Getting here is part of the attraction - and one has to get a boat from an area near the base of the massive road bridge at the Northern tip of the City. We expected a jetty or a guy seling tickets or similar... but its just a couple of long boats resting on some rocks and if you want to go across to the island you wander down to the rocks and a guy will appear and push a boat over.

Great little boat ride across - but the guy drops you off and dissapears - no timings or anything - when you want to go back stand on the jetty on the island and wave and they come back. All v informal. 9(Wearing any form of lifejacket appears to be totally up to you - as I said - very informal).

There is a map of the island at the jetty - you could possibly wander around everything in 40 mins - but its very shady and there are loads of Stupas and shrines so its very relaxing and you can find a shady spot and chill. If you are here for a while I think the monks feel more at ease - we watched some of the young ones playing a kind of keepy uppy football game There is a moestary building of sorts which is interesting with some sweet little doggies living in it.

There aren't any big hitting shrines or "Most Sacred" spots - its just a lovley relaxing place. Other people have mentioned an odd monk - to be honest the Monks kept themselves to themselves but were happy with photos or a chat if you approached them.

So worth doing - better than we anticipated due to its relaxed vibe and the inexpensive boat trip.
2016년 3월 28일 작성
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토론토, 캐나다포스팅 337건
Single guys, beware of the groping monk!
2016년 2월 • 개인
It's kind of odd to rate the place as worth a visit given what happened to me, but the place really is a neat spot, but if you are a young male watch out for monk who is too eager to show you around.

I'll start with that because this is really the main reason I'm writing the review. I was the only tourist on the boat that took me across and he was eagerly waiting by the boat. The tour started right away. At first I thought that monks escort all tourists around because the place is a full of nuns and is a monastery.

It started pretty quick, he'd show me something and then ask me to take a picture. He'd then get close to me on the pretext of seeing the screen when I was shooting and then he'd gesture to see the picture. He'd then lean in and put my hand on my crotch as if it was accidental. I did think it was accidental for a bit but after the sixth time, not so much. I did start position myself away from him as I showed the picture but he wouldn't force it. He did manage to do it a few more times, and he also tried to get me into some isolated spots, and on the last occasion was totally blatant. I pushed him away and totally avoided him.

During the tour, I ran into a couple and they had no monk trailing them around and also saw a single woman, again, no monk. At one point the woman actually came up to him and asked him where something was, he pretended not to understand her but I reminded him he'd shown it to me before. So he reluctantly took her to it, pointed it out and then essentially yanked me away. He had no business in having the woman join us.

It's pretty obvious that the fellow waits for single dudes so that he can try to cop a feel. Fortunately he's a pretty small dude and I had a good 5 inches on him so I didn't feel unsafe, but a smaller guy would definitely have had a disturbing experience.

Aside from that terrible bit, the island itself is quiet nice. The buildings are coloured in a way that I've never seen other buildings coloured before and (aside from avoiding a creepy monk) it's a great place for a quiet walk.
2016년 2월 9일 작성
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트루아리비에르, 캐나다포스팅 638건
Très petite île
2016년 1월 • 커플
Un peu déçu car seulement 20 minutes et le tour de l'île est complété. Balade en bateau agréable, et les gens sur l'île sont contents de nous voir. Pour trouver, prendre le chemin de terre face à l'hotel Attran et allez au bout, puis passez sous le pont et vous trouverez l'embarcadère. 2000k/pers.
2016년 1월 9일 작성
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Berkshire포스팅 825건
Fascinating place for an early morning stroll
2015년 1월 • 커플
We visited early in the morning and found it to be a peaceful and fascinating place. Others have spoken about its nickname of Shampoo Island and it's association with royal hair and so I shan't do more than mention it. What we did discover is a large collection of orchids being grown in pots and that the monks and people who live on the island are relaxed and happy.

Well worth the short boat ride and an hour or so wandering around an eclectic collection of new and old artifacts. Also worth mentioning is that the island is in the shadow of what we understand to be the longest bridge in Myanmar.
2015년 3월 6일 작성
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