Brooklyn Boulders
Brooklyn Boulders
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  • Queensboro Plaza • 도보로 3분 거리
  • 21st St • 도보로 4분 거리
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뉴욕, 뉴욕주포스팅 171건
2021년 5월
Memorial Day Weekend 2021, what a flop! The first "official" weekend of summer and it was cold, raining, just miserable. A friend and I had serious plans and of course they were ruined. I decided we should do some type of activity in the area. And came across BB. I instantly decided this would be it. Got there, found very helpful staff, it was crowded and us being novices didn't really enjoy (my friend less then I). But had fun anyway. And will be going back to take the lessons.

Overall a good indoor activity and fun!
2021년 6월 4일 작성
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도쿄, 일본포스팅 125건
2019년 10월
2019년 10월 28일 작성
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Behind The Scenes NYC
브루클린, 뉴욕주포스팅 36건
2018년 9월 • 친구
I’ve always loved rock climbing, but besides looking very easy, it’s really not. I’m not too good with heights either, but Brooklyn Boulders equipment makes you feel completely safe and tied up!

It’s surely not only a physical activity. I believe it’s even more a mental challenge, than physical.

They offer different classes that are 60-min long for all different levels, besides being able to have your own personal trainer and still, a fitness center too.

I loved the 4-week course, with 8 sessions, called Climb Like A Girl! It is “taught by women, for women. Train as a team as you improve your technique, gain climbing power and improve endurance. Each 2-hour session is progressive, carefully designed to holistically develop your abilities.”

Plus, if you have kids, they do have great options for them to have fun!

I had the greatest time, was able to climb up an intermediate wall with the help of a great instructor and can't wait to go back! OBS: I almost quick along the way....but I decided to say "I have to make it all the way..." and I did! Priceless feeling!

I also did a wall with NO ROPES! Super exciting and safe too!

Let’s start rocking!
2018년 10월 15일 작성
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뉴욕, 뉴욕주포스팅 120건
2018년 7월 • 친구
Whether you're an experienced or novice rock climber, Brooklyn Boulders offers a phenomenal environment to test and try your skills. There is a variety of bouldering and topline walls of varying degrees of difficulty. They also offer classes, our instructor was great - experienced and kind. Only downside here is the price.

Expect to pay $44+ per person for your day-pass. I would recommend taking the bouldering class, this gives you an intro to bouldering and is the same price as a day-pass so you get the class as a free add-on. Bring a lock if you'd like to lock your valuables in the lockers provided. All in all, highly recommend if you're looking to try something fun and different this weekend.
2018년 7월 27일 작성
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디트로이트, 미시간포스팅 741건
2017년 7월 • 친구
It's clearly called Brooklyn Boulders for a reason - a multitude of bouldering walls to choose from. In contrast to other climbing gyms, the emphasis here is certainly on bouldering instead of climbing the taller walls using ropes and harnesses. However, they do have a decent number of taller climbing walls available as well. If you are not belay certified, you will be limited to just four auto-belay set ups so I recommend studying up so that you can take the test and have many more courses available to choose from with top-roping and etc. They offered a wide variety of course levels that were well mapped out with great options for both beginners and experts to climb side-by-side. This made for an enjoyable experience for our group with varied experience in climbing. Beware, it can get really crowded so please be mindful of those around you at all times. The staff is really welcoming and helpful. The fee for a day-pass and rental gear is rather steep so I try to go on off-peak hours when they offer a slight discount.
2017년 7월 23일 작성
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