Daintree Wild Zoo
Daintree Wild Zoo
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퍼스, 호주포스팅 10건
2019년 9월
I stayed at the Daintree Wild Zoo as a volunteer and it was AMAZING, I can't wait to go back!

From someone that has worked behind the scenes i can assure visitors that the zoo is well maintained, the standard of care for all the animals is first rate and Donna and Gill run an efficient ship to keep it all that way.

It was great to talk to the visitors coming to the zoo as well, and showing them around and educating them about all the animals. Donna and Gill made me feel so at home and they taught me lots of things about how to care for animals i hadn't worked with before and we even fed the crocs!

For new visitors, its good to keep in mind that some of the animals are injured and can't be released back into the wild and without the Daintree Wild Zoo they wouldn't survive, so before you make a judgement or provide negative feedback that the animals aren't well cared for, consider that the QLD government doesn't provide any support or facilities for sick and injured animals and the Daintree Wild Zoo is providing them with a long term home where they are well cared for.
2019년 10월 22일 작성
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포스팅 4건
2019년 2월
This is a small, quaint zoo. The owners and employees were very friendly. I was happy to support them.
2019년 3월 20일 작성
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Jan T
Leidschendam, 네덜란드포스팅 1,047건
2018년 10월 • 커플
As I understand it is more a sanctuary instead of a zoo what explain that some birds do look stressed and in one case aggressive. And it explains the speaking bird at the entrance. But still walking along the cages with one (or none) bird in it, birds that try to make contact with you and the free flying cages that are not used give a sad impression.
The kangaroos did hop away when we walked in their direction. Staying in the B&B we did visit the Zoo twice. Ones in the afternoon (on a hot day) and the next morning between 8:45 and 9:30 and both times we were the only visitors. I did feel a bit sad after seeing the birds like that.

If you want to see Australian animals you can visit the zoo and helping the owners to keep giving refugees a new home.
2018년 11월 18일 작성
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Broadford, 호주포스팅 10건
2018년 9월
Let me start by saying best hosts ever Gil & Donna are fantastic.
Rooms are of a great size with comfy beds, please ensure that if you require an en-suite that you book rooms upstairs as the rooms downstairs are shared facilities.
Breakfast that was included was ample, I would highly recommend the fresh Mango juice YUM! YUM!
The zoo is an added bonus, the Crocodiles are massive, you can hand feed the Kangaroos and Wallabies what a novel thing to do.
Thanks again Gil & Donna, when we are in the area we will be back.
2018년 9월 27일 작성
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Byford, 호주포스팅 47건
2018년 9월 • 커플
This isn’t a zoo. It’s an animal refuge.
The animals (mainly birds) all looked stressed or unhappy understandably as there’s no rehabilitation efforts by the owners of this place. As soon as they took our money they simply sat down in their lounge to watch tv as we walked around to find dead rats in the bird sanctuary, holes in enclosures, weeds everywhere in enclosures. Stagnant water where the turtles/lizard located. You will get to see a cassowary but that’s about it. Hopefully the owners can get out and see the state of their refuge and try and do something about it or close up shop.
2018년 9월 9일 작성
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Boulder, Colorado포스팅 213건
2018년 7월 • 커플
Before one critizes this place, take a minute to learn about the operation first. It's a 'mom & pop' kind of place, privately run sanctuary and they continueously take in animals and birds that other people either mistreat or abandon. So, when one sees birds with few feathers or they fly up to the cage wall to 'talk' to you, it's a bird that was unwanted and that this place has taken in instead of putting down. Please keep that in mind! And socialize with those birds as they are used to human contact. The owners have huge hearts, really care about their animals and they try their best to give them a nice life. Talk to the owners and you'll learn the back story of many of these animals including the eagles. Talk to 'Arnie' the friendly Cockatoo up front, he flies freely when the zoo closes, but comes back to his cage on his own volition due to being treated nice. We were also shown new rescue parrots that were just brought in that day, that didn't look too good. In a few weeks they will look good as new. It's easy to see if birds have a nice life or not, due to the way they pluck their feathers. Arnie (upfront,) had beautiful plummage and was very social and well mannered. The other birds looked great too, except for the newly rescued ones. The dingoes were obviously well fed. There's only one Cassowary as the 2 that was there before were aggressive. (Owner was put in the hospital by one of them.) The one that is left came running when the owner fed him a tomato. (Lol! But I got my portraits of one.) I think a couple of hours here will show you many of the Australian birds and animals- and it's a great little place to spend some time we as visitors can help this place survive with our patronage and our donations, actually saving animal lives.
2018년 9월 2일 작성
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오클랜드, 뉴질랜드포스팅 72건
2018년 8월 • 커플
Yes it's a bit run down in places, but don't let that put you off. Friendly owner, great variety of birds and it's a fun way to spend a couple of hours.
2018년 8월 6일 작성
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시드니, 호주포스팅 3건
2018년 7월 • 가족
We all really enjoyed our visit and overnight stay at the Daintree Wild Zoo. Great to see some amazing animals including rescues who have been given a second chance at life. There should be more zoos devoting space to rescued wildlife. We particularly loved talking with Arnie - the front-of-house Corella! Highly recommend a visit to this special place.
2018년 8월 1일 작성
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센터빌, 오하이오포스팅 1,271건
2018년 7월 • 커플
The pens are plenty big and everything is well taken care of. We spent the night at the zoo which was great. We were able to then see the nocturnal animals at night! So cool for a cheap price!
2018년 7월 23일 작성
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시애틀, 워싱턴주포스팅 1건
2018년 6월 • 가족
We had so much fun at the "little zoo"!! I cant even think of where to begin. The hospitality, humor and personal care we felt from the owner was so amazing. They love what they do and love sharing it with their guests.
The animals are just as much fun, even the little lizards that visited us at night! The birds who greeted us every morning, the Roo who we absolutely fell in love with! They have interns who help with the chores and the interns were also super fun. Letting my 12 year old help with feeding (the roos) and watch (the crocks!).

If you are up for a small bit of adventure and love being greeted by a Kangaroo in the morning and a Kookaburra for an alarm clock - this zoo is for you! We loved it!!!

Please don't listen to the negative reviews, some people are, sadly, just negative.
2018년 7월 8일 작성
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