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norman W
브레인트리, UK포스팅 1,758건
풍선 5개 중 4.0
2020년 4월
While looking through their catalogue I came across a day brewing experience. Looks interesting and I may try that once this coronavirus has gone away. Comes with many offers of percentage off ales although, it does says, a strenuous days work.
I have a true love for real ale, of all types, brewed by those small breweries or micro-breweries. Within a mile of my home is this fantastic brewery that produces wonderful ales which they sell in varying methods. Bottles, mini-kegs, boxes etc etc. Varying from light ales to stout in a ranges of alc/vol.
They deliver, by courier, to most parts of the country but, luckily, they have a door to door system for us locals. Time frame is astounding. My first delivery of two 5 litre mini-casks arrived overnight. But this time I ordered online at 3.50 pm. 5.50 pm. Ding-dong at the door. There they were on my doorstep. Can't be beaten.
Meanwhile, I'll sit back, watching box sets on the TV and enjoy supping the various delights that Bishop Nick has supplied to me.
Thanks guys, keep brewing.
2020년 4월 12일 작성
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