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오후 12:00 - 오후 10:00
오후 12:00 - 오후 10:00
오후 12:00 - 오후 10:00
오후 12:00 - 오후 10:00
오후 12:00 - 오후 10:00
오후 12:00 - 오후 9:30

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Dartford포스팅 45건
Poor value for money
2021년 5월
I just had lunch here with a friend - we both chose chicken ciabatta. The presentation and the service where fine but there was a distinct lack of chicken in the ciabattas.
Given that chicken is about the cheapest meat available this was very disappointing.
We are unlikely to return.
2021년 5월 25일 작성
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다트퍼드, UK포스팅 70건
Nice beer
2020년 2월 • 커플
Oh dear what are you doing to my pub . No staff , dirty tables and bar. The only bar staff that where working had a face like thunder . Need a leader for what was the best pub in the area . Sort it out Shep !!
2020년 2월 22일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

Ladies that lunch
포스팅 5건
Oh dear, what's happening!
2019년 10월
Food is as good as usual but the new managment is really having a detrimental impact on the atmosphere with many of the regular, friendly, efficient staff leaving one by one. Shepherd Neame you really need to decide whether you want the going concern you bought to reduce in value &, if you are canny investors, you need to encourage the existing staff to stay.
2019년 10월 7일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

David H
런던, UK포스팅 5건
Not what it was
2019년 6월 • 가족
Still probably one of the better venues in the area but overall sadly it is not as good as it used to be.
Menu lacked variety.
Quality was good but it should be for the price (it’s not cheap).
Service was casual.
2019년 6월 2일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

Peter R
다트퍼드, UK포스팅 918건
Coffee and snack stop
2019년 1월 • 커플
Stopped in here as we passed for a drink and snack while on a walk in the area. Good sized bar with plenty of seating, and friendly pleasant staff.
2019년 4월 30일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

Dartford포스팅 94건
Great pub serving good food
2019년 2월 • 커플
Lunched here on a Tuesday afternoon. This is a popular pub and is particularly dog-friendly. There are a good selection of real ales which are well kept. We had Bexley Golden Ale and Adnams Ghost Ship. The bar staff are efficient and friendly and it's rare to have to as them to top up a pint. I think the food menu changes every day. On the day we arrived there were some unusual items. Past experience of eating here suggests that they don't always get it spot on but what I really like is the fact that they are adventurous and when it comes off it's brilliant. On this occasion I opted, as a starter,for whipped goats cheese, honey and smoked almond cheesecake which was OK (about 7/10) - it needed a little more flavour. My partner had panko breaded lobster arancini which was delicious. For a main I chose the barbecue sirloin beef hash which sounded different but, unfortunately, this was unavailable and I had a steak instead. I was a bit disappointed with the presentation of the dish. Nevertheless the steak was delicious and the fries were fine but I thought it a little mean-spirited given the price, not to have served a small salad with it as part of the meal instead of a large, relatively tasteless tomato. My partner had the pan roasted fillet of salmon which, again, was very tasty.
2019년 2월 26일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

Andreas C
11827142포스팅 17건
Disappointed !!
2019년 2월 • 커플
Went to this place a year ago and couldn’t fault it was a really nice cozy place.
Kept saying to myself would have to return and take my partner.
Was in for a real shock. It was a terrible experience, there was no one to greet you you as you walked in, my table was booked. The staff didn’t have any uniform and you didn’t really know who to ask for assistance. The place was so noisy like a school playground that our ears were ringing.
The menu is done day to day , which is fine if you can find something you actually want to eat!
The food was ok we had the lamb roast which you can’t really go wrong.
My bill came to under £70 and they charge a discretionary 10% service charge which they put onto your bill without asking if you was happy.
I don’t think I will be going back there again !

2019년 2월 18일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

런던, UK포스팅 31건
Lunch with friends
2018년 12월 • 친구
A little gem in Kent. Would recommend a visit , vibrant atmosphere, very friendly staff, who take great care of you. Great choice on the seasonal menu, something for all tastes, . Food is well presented and good size portions Apple crumble is delicious. Dog friendly. Looking forward to coming back. My only negative, is the temperature is the restaurant was too hot, making it a bit stuffy. Many thanks to all the staff, for making us feel very welcome.
2019년 2월 4일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

Northfleet, UK포스팅 13건
Christmas meal
2018년 12월 • 친구
We had a table of 15 booked. We were over 40 minutes late. We phoned to tell them of our delay and they were not only accommodating but reassuring as well. The food came out at the same time and the three courses were plentiful and amazing. Cannot wait to go back!
2018년 12월 12일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

런던, UK포스팅 818건
2018년 2월 • 가족
A party of 7 enjoying a Birthday celebration
Really hard to find a negative.
A friendly team took great care of us & the food quality & portion size were all very satisfactory.
It worked out £40 a head for 2 courses with a 1 bottle of Prosecco & the rest on soft drinks. No complaints from me!
2018년 2월 27일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

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