The Fairmoor Centre

The Fairmoor Centre, 몰페스

The Fairmoor Centre
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Annie W
포스팅 18건
Poor quality offering...
2017년 5월 • 개인
I have great respect for any group of arts/craftspeople getting together in a co-operative to sell work and offer products, but this just wasn't done at all well. Its basically a few basic bookshelves with an amateur arrangement of produce spread around the walls. When you compare it with somewhere like the Chantry, it is very much the poor relation. Needs more presentation va va voom, for the more discerning customer. Sadly.
2017년 11월 9일 작성
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Blyth, UK포스팅 22건
More People Should Realize This Place Exists
2014년 8월 • 커플
This in my mind is a little shop of various items lots of which have been made, painted etc in the local community and will have an ever changing stock list making it a place you should visit on a regular basis.
It is tucked away behind a petrol filling station next to a animal feed shop and a well stocked off license so you can travel there and fill up your vehicle, buy a bottle of wine, some dog food then find an ideal gift for a loved one all in one stop.
It is definitely a little Gem that I will visit each time I am in the Morpeth area.
2014년 8월 28일 작성
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mark t
포스팅 2건
Naomi is fab
A very welcoming craft/ coffee shop, with delicious fondant fancies to fit everyones tatses, with fabulous waitress setvice who even gave us a tour of her wonderful artwork
Such a stunning place, wish we had something similar in our town
Good luck for the future Naomi, you're talents are outstanding
2014년 8월 6일 작성
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Derek P
몰페스, UK포스팅 2건
Hidden Gem
2014년 4월 • 커플
I popped into the centre to have a look at the retro/vintage collectables that we're on sale. There was a great variety of stock available and I think the centre would be of interest to a wide variety of collectors. I bought five miniature Delft houses for my sister's birthday. She was thrilled because they were such an unusual present. I think she might go and have a look for herself in the future. I was impressed with range of art,craft,jewellery and vintage goods for sale. The prices were reasonable and staff were very helpful. The coffee was good too. Pop in and buy yourself or a friend a unique gift.
2014년 5월 1일 작성
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