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Mark T
포스팅 1건
Junior Quad Biking
2016년 5월 • 가족
As other reviews this is 1 hr with bikes shared with others. This means not much time on the bikes and a lot of time watching. There were 9 kids with 3 bikes today meaning they got a disappointing amount of time on the bikes considering the cost. I wouldn't go back despite the great setting and staff which earns the 2* rating.
2016년 5월 28일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

David S
피터스필드, UK포스팅 7건
Not good value
2016년 2월 • 가족
Junior quad biking session costs £41.99 for 1hr. This equates to 8 laps and approx. 9 minutes on the bike. Of the 4 bikes available on 3 worked and 1 of those kept cutting out. There is only 1 person trying to get the riders on and off the bikes whilst trying to keep their lap times. Not well organised and left feeling very disappointed
2016년 2월 16일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

Mon W
런던, UK포스팅 21건
Always amazing!
2015년 9월 • 친구
This is the third time I've done the quad bike ramble here and it's always amazing. Each time the course has been different but never less exciting. The guides are welcoming and friendly and extremely helpful and patient. The group had different levels of capabilities but we all still had a great time together.
Great fun, great place and worth every penny. I'll be going again next year!
2015년 9월 20일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

포스팅 6건
Complete Joke
2015년 7월 • 친구
Booked and paid in full for 4 people to do quad bike ramble, £340.
Got an email late in the afternoon the friday before we were due to go (sunday) saying they have to cancel. This was AFTER the office had closed. Rung monday for refund, had to wait for a call back from a guy (who was late in) to refund my money.
Roll on following friday... still no refund had appeared. Rung again, had to wait AGAIN for a call back from the same guy.
He had FORGOTTEN to put through my refund.
Not only that, he hadn't refunded me my money, but actually charged me another £340 by mistake. He then had to refund £680!! Luckily I had used a credit card with a fairly high limit, although it was my Mother's, i then had to ring and apologise for his mistakes on her card.
Still waiting for the refund to appear.

2015년 7월 12일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

호셤, UK포스팅 252건
Very special day out
2014년 11월 • 가족
Took my son for a family quad bile ramble today. its one of the few places that under 16's can do quadbiking in the UK and they are set up well for this. The bikes for the youngers are only 50cc but for a 10 year old they are just right. Short but efficient safety briefing and off you go. We were lucky enough to be just the two of us with instructor Paul and after one or two minor mishaps with encouragement my son was soon enjoying himself immensely. You're out on the bike over an hour with hills and decents and water splashes and mud. One of the best things I've ever done said my son. We that's good enough for me. Serves coffee and bacon rolls too!
2014년 11월 8일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

donna h
503766포스팅 56건
MAD Day Experience!
My family visited here as an extra birthday treat for my daughter and she had a thoroughly good day experiencing a team building assault course, archery and quad biking. Whole experience about 4 hours. Well trained staff, reasonably priced and easy to find. Would recommend to those looking to book something different for children aged 8 to 15! Will book with them again!
2014년 9월 3일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

Wanstead, UK포스팅 3건
Not worth my time
2014년 8월
I was given a gift of a quad bike 'thrill' for two, which we were assured would include a ride through some woodlands and a lake. Well, it was definitely not a thrill! When we arrived we discovered that we were actually riding quad bikes around some cones on a field. We were not impressed as the experience was not at all worth what we paid for. The only positive was the on site staff which were very helpful and friendly. I would not recommend this site or company to anyone, especially the rude office workers (whom you speak to on the phone, only to get rude responses).
I was really upset by this experience as it looked extremely fun and exhilarating, that it was not!!!
2014년 8월 11일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

Katie D
Farnham, England, United Kingdom포스팅 10건
Quad biking adult ramble
2013년 7월 • 커플
Great fun with really friendly staff - beautiful spot and very reassuring to me as I was nervous to start with! Only disappointment was that we finished about 25 minutes short of the advertised 2 hours, and just when I was really beginning to get the hang of it!

Thoroughly recommended though, non the less :-)
2013년 7월 3일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

Zuzana G
슬라우, UK포스팅 1건
quadbike challenge
2013년 4월 • 친구
I bought quad bike challenge for my friend for her birthday and after leaving the venue I felt really embarrassed what I gave her. In what it includes is:

- A one hour quad bike session negotiating a coned obstacle course with time trials at the end of the session
- Ride time is shared with drivers taking turns on the quads

fair enough but I did not expect for £65 to spend 5 minutes on the bike and rest of the time to watch others. We were group of 6 and shared only one bike. It was very boring and I expected more for the money. Actually I was probably lucky that we were not group of 10.
If I knew it is so big waste of money I would pay £20 more for ramble and would take that one. Hope my birthday present from my friend wont be so embarrassing.
2013년 4월 27일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.
Zuzana G I am very sorry that you were not happy with what you brought your friend for her birthday. We offer two different types of Quad Bike experiences and we are sorry to read that you feel, your choice of a Quad Bike Challenge was wrong. We feel very disappointed to read a review such as yours and strive to deliver a great experience to all of our clients. Kind regards The Priory Events Team
2013년 6월 11일 작성
이 답변은 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 시설 담당자의 주관적인 의견입니다.

서리, UK포스팅 4건
MAD Activity Day
2013년 2월 • 가족
On 21st Feb 2013: we booked our boys on the MAD Activity day, and I'm so glad we did, they had an amazing time with the quad biking(which wasn't a couple of laps according to some reports) Archery and the Obstacle course! the staff were helpful and patient with the kids and they had an amazing time. My two boys age 13 and 12 are already nagging me to book another one in there next school holidays.( Please note parents should arrive in plenty of time as they will start without you and you should stay on site most of us did, some didn't which is not fair on staff or other parents, they are not a babysitting service and rightly so some of these sports can be dangerous and if your little 'joey' is creating havoc safety could be compromised and no doubt with these types of parents if there little 'joey' was hurt they would blame anyone except themselves!!.)
THANKS GUYS!! BRILLANT DAY WE WILL BE BACK. Sara, Harrison and Cameron Wood x
2013년 2월 22일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

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