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Michael H
뉴욕, 뉴욕주포스팅 12건
풍선 5개 중 5.0
2023년 8월 • 가족
great looking ballpark, i love the mountain backdrop in the back of the outfield. food selection was pretty good. average ballpark prices for concessions. we had chickie n pete cheesesteaks with a side of their old bay fries. the sun was pretty strong on 1st base side for a 6:35 game so don't forget the sun tan lotion. also want to note that the netting only goes up until the dugout whereas some ball parks have it extended to shallow leftfield/rightfield respectively so becareful when you pick your seats. my kids are 6 and 3 so i regretted getting seats in the 2nd row (kids didnt get hurt but it was nerve racking). i'd definately come back but probably will get different seats. the picnic area/home run zone behind the outfield looked fun and there were kids playing catch there so we might opt for that next time. plent of room to move around there too
2023년 8월 13일 작성
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Allan S
뉴욕, 뉴욕주포스팅 7,057건
풍선 5개 중 5.0
2023년 8월 • 가족
Great spot to go with family and to enjoy Aaa baseball. Bought tickets 20 minutes before first pitch In red section 25 rows up near dugout snd third base. GreT views snd a fun attitude exists snd fan support is awesome. They have all sorts of beverages snd good available at reasonable prices. Lots of kids with their families . A lovely Sunday with sun, try to get shade to avoid sunburn
2023년 8월 13일 작성
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플로리다포스팅 606건
풍선 5개 중 4.0
2022년 8월
My husband is a big Yankees fan so we took in a game on our way up North. The parking was $5. We got there early (an hour before the game) and had no traffic issues, in or out. It is on a back road it seems up to the stadium so that was weird. It was a nice field, you can walk around the perimeter and the seats were wide enough with leg room for our 6'4" and 5'10" frames. It was hard to believe the Yankees fell into the trap of doing all the gimmicks between innings. It was Hispanic night and both teams wore different bright colored uniforms and were called something else for the game. My husband was disappointed because he wanted to see the Yankees. $8 for bottled domestic beer, soft serve $5, popcorn $4. Nice fireworks to close the night although the Yankees lost to the Red Sox.
2022년 10월 11일 작성
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포스팅 9건
풍선 5개 중 3.0
2022년 7월
Love the ballpark! Had a terrible experience with the food! This ballpark is the cleanest, best family oriented ballpark around. We have been here multiple times and always enjoyed ourselves, but I have to say, we don't usually eat. We watch the game and grab a beer and that's about it. Well, I took my little sister a couple weeks ago so of course, she wanted ballpark food. I bought her a container of Chickie & Petes Fries. She picked at them and when I asked her what was wrong she said just screwed up her face and said they didn't taste good. So I tried a couple. Honestly, they tasted like they were deep fried hours before and had been sitting drying under a heat lamp for hours. They were hard, crusty and pretty much inedible. That was the 1st time I honestly ever tossed a french fry! I mean, really, who doesn't like fries? So I got her an order of regular fries, hoping they would be better. No lie, exact same thing. It WAS a slow night, had they all overcooked the food thinking the crowd would be much bigger? That was the 2nd order of fries I tossed my entire life! So after realizing everything was pretty much just sitting on racks behind the counters, with no-one in line ordering anything, she asked for some cotton candy. I relented feeling bad that I would have to stop on the way home from the game to feed her. She took two bites and told me the center was rock hard. Are you kidding me?? I tossed $30 of food that night. Lesson for the day: tail gate before the game!
2022년 8월 14일 작성
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포크드리버, 뉴저지포스팅 1,896건
풍선 5개 중 4.0
2022년 8월
Had a great time here seeing a game and then staying for the Scout Night sleepover. Inflatables in center field, $5 wristband and can stay until closes at 7th inning. Nice scenic park, incorporating the mountains and one can walk completely around the stadium. $5 to park, plenty of parking. Decent amount of food for price paid. Definitely will come see a game here again.
2022년 8월 8일 작성
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홀리, 펜실베이니아포스팅 71건
풍선 5개 중 1.0
2022년 7월
DO NOT even begin to think you will get to see a baseball game at this stadium IF there is a concert at the amphitheater the same night. Last night (July 15, 2022) we sat and sat and sat at the stadium entrance but could not even get into a parking lot because traffic was so bad. After almost one hour of not moving we just turned around and went home. We estimate that there were hundreds of folks who also did not get to see the concert because of the horrible traffic management in the area. We wasted our money on our ballgame tickets. So sad because if ANYONE had any idea how to manage traffic in the area it could have been a lovely evening.
2022년 7월 16일 작성
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Fred S
포스팅 223건
풍선 5개 중 3.0
2021년 7월 • 개인
They charge you extra for printed tickets. You won't like this place if you're like me and despise mobile ticketing. PNC Field is also cashless. Concessions and merchandise are all over priced. There are restaurants in the area- eat before you enter the ballpark. It is actually cheaper to buy tickets from Ticketmaster- I never thought I'd say that. Ballpark is off Interstate 81 exit 182. Great place to watch a game despite the mobile ticketing BS.
2021년 7월 25일 작성
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세인트 폴, 미네소타포스팅 1,593건
풍선 5개 중 4.0
2021년 6월
This is a nice little field with great seats and views everywhere. The parking is ample and the security is everywhere. Concession are really good and there a number of different types to choose from. A beautiful setting as well. Enjoy!
2021년 6월 20일 작성
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애너하임, 캘리포니아포스팅 1,121건
풍선 5개 중 3.0
2021년 5월
Parking cost $5.00 (no cash). If you have a problem with your mobile ticket from Ticketmaster, they charge you $2.00 each to print tickets. The concourse is quite spacious and has many concessions including a team store near the main entrance. The setting is very pleasant with woodsy scenery beyond the outfield fences. The seating is plastic theater style. There is a good score/message board in center field and auxiliary scoreboards down the left field and right field sides of the stadium. The sight lines are good and the public address system is good. COVID-19: Most of the employees were masked and the seats were sold in a manner to enhance social distancing. There was little enforcement of fan masking requirements and social distancing outside of the seating areas.
2021년 6월 8일 작성
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Patrick K
스크랜턴, 펜실베이니아포스팅 3건
풍선 5개 중 5.0
2019년 8월 • 커플
Beautiful stadium with a capacity of about 10,000 people. It is very modern and the food is very good. Although the food is good, it is far too expensive (but that is any minor or major league park in the U.S.). I have watched many prominent baseball players at this field including: Roger Clemens, Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Shane Victorino, Cole Hamels, Jimmy Rollins, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Brett Gardner, Aaron Judge, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Tim Tebow, and Didi Gregorius just to name a few. It is exciting to watch these players. The stadium also hosts one high school football game a year. It is a great experience in my opinion. I recommend.
2020년 1월 17일 작성
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