Athlete's Arena
Athlete's Arena
오전 5:30~오후 7:30
오전 5:30 - 오후 7:30
오전 5:30 - 오후 7:30
오전 5:30 - 오후 7:30
오전 5:30 - 오후 7:30
오전 5:30 - 오후 7:30
오전 8:00 - 오후 12:00
소요시간: 1시간 미만
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Colleen P
퀸시, 매사추세츠포스팅 288건
풍선 5개 중 4.0
2016년 11월
I mainly used this facility because it was one of the few Places in Columbia that Offer Brazilian Jujitsu Classes. It is a small matted area right next to the open gym/cross-fit room. The members of Athletes BJJ were overall friendly and welcoming. They are a small group of practitioners. The morning classes were very small, only 2-4 people typically. Open mat on is on Sundays. They provide a kids class and have flexible payment plans.

The one drawback of this place is that it is a bit out of town. You have to pass high traffic area's like Harbison is you are coming from DT and that can get you stuck in Traffic. As a person who lives in the NE, there is no shortcut to the compound, though it is right off the highway.

Also available in this center an Ice rink for skating/hockey, a small arcade and a High Wire trampoline park, restrooms and a small concession stand. It is a good place for families, especially birthday events, couples looking to skate the ice and individuals looking to work out.
2017년 8월 9일 작성
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어모, 사우스캐롤라이나포스팅 96건
풍선 5개 중 4.0
2016년 4월 • 가족
If you are tired of the monotone type of routine workouts. If you are tired of the supermodel wannabes modeling around the floors. If you are tired of the social media crazies, always phone talking while pretending to workout and bench warmers, then Athletes Arena is your place. Great staff! See Shane and Jeff for great workout counsel and techniques. Sign up for the variety of programs they have available for all kind of goals, age, body size and endurance levels. Plenty of equipment to use and plenty of space. Everyone had one thing in mind in there to maximize, improve their skills, techniques, endurance, strength, stamina and physique. Great atmosphere, not fancy but derive results. I recommended for anyone interested in a real workout and not socializing.
I rate this gym 8 of 10 in my scale
2016년 4월 26일 작성
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포스팅 36건
풍선 5개 중 5.0
2015년 7월 • 가족
My daughter trained there for 2 years. She is a serious athelete with long term plans. They went out of there way to assist in her conditioning. During her training she noticed may of the atheletes were colleage and professional baseball players. Other sports as well.
2015년 7월 5일 작성
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