Donaghmore Famine Workhouse Museum

Donaghmore Famine Workhouse Museum, 포틀리셔

Donaghmore Famine Workhouse Museum
오전 11:00~오후 5:00
오전 11:00 - 오후 5:00
오전 11:00 - 오후 5:00
오전 11:00 - 오후 5:00
오전 11:00 - 오후 5:00
오전 11:00 - 오후 5:00
오후 2:00 - 오후 5:00
오후 2:00 - 오후 5:00
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Sean and Rachel
포스팅 1건
Little gem
2021년 10월 • 커플
We visited on a damp overcast day in early October. Unlike the former inmates we were welcomed warmly with a roaring fire and by Michael.
Michael gave us our tour. He was friendly and informative in an informal, casual manner; but with an empathic knowledge for the place and the people who were forced to inhabit it.
It was impossible not to be touched by the place and its grim history; enhanced with Michael's anecdotes, poetry and recital of historical visitors reports and recollections.
This will be a place we will revisit with friends and family from outside of Ireland, to share with them this little gem.
Well worth a visit
2021년 10월 6일 작성
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Tammi P
포스팅 5건
A thoughtprovoking insite into a desperate time in Irish History
2021년 8월 • 친구
We saw the brown sign off the motorway for this , decided to make the detour and were so glad we did. Although this is a museum which definitely needs (and deserves) a bit of TLC and local council investment, our guide, Michael, told its story as he took us round with frankness and compassion which was moving and enlightening. Including one of his own poems, plus a piece of dramatised prose, he really gave us an insite into this desperate time in history. The place still holds the sadness of its past but also has a fine collection of agricultural machinery which tells the story of the buildings use post its workhouse days. A thought provoking and worthwhile visit.
2021년 8월 21일 작성
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Treuddyn, UK포스팅 13건
A brilliant, if depressing, insight into 19th century history.
2021년 8월
A brilliant, if depressing, insight into 19th century history. It was a grey, rainy day and our family were the first people to arrive so we had a brilliant tour by Michael Creagh, a retired local farmer, poet and performer. He brought the whole thing alive and was brilliant with my 5 year old granddaughter. As an over 70 year old many of the items on display were a blast from the past.

And not forced through a gift shop on the way out. Cannot recommend this highly enough especially if Michael is on duty.
2021년 8월 18일 작성
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포스팅 3건
Famine workhouse
2021년 8월
Excellent visit. The guides are friendly ank knowledgeable. Grim but fascinating history. Well worth the trip
2021년 8월 7일 작성
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Leinster포스팅 36건
would have preferred a guided tour
2020년 7월
Visited this museum recently as we were staying nearby. It has a powerful story to tell but unfortunately we were not told it. We were put in front of a 10 minute video and then basically abandoned. We had to return to the office to find out what else there was to be seen. A guided tour would have been welcome as we had many questions and were really interested in the workhouse and its history. I asked if we could have a tour but the gentleman there, I think his name was Mark, said it was not possible.
Hopefully guided tours will become a feature there soon.
2020년 7월 17일 작성
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포스팅 10건
an education
2019년 11월
Learned a lot in a down to earth manner, in an uncomplicated place that traces a lot of the sad history of the famine, using impeccable and painstaking largely donated sources.
2019년 11월 5일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

더블린, 아일랜드포스팅 6건
Very interesting
2019년 9월 • 커플
This museum is well worth a visit. The guide was well informed and I found the story of Donaghmore absorbing in spite of the sadness of family separations etc. This is a local initiative and all the more impressive for that. I thoroughly recommend a visit.
2019년 9월 14일 작성
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에니스, 아일랜드포스팅 121건
Nice visit to an historic building
2019년 7월 • 개인
The museum is based in the front reception and children's buildings of this old workhouse. There is a nice audio visual presentation at the start of the tour. We visited the sleeping rooms and the quarters of the master of the workhouse. All are still in the same condition as when they were occupied. It was a very harsh way of life. Some of the building has been adapted to an agricultural museum and this contained some very interesting items. There were also some items from the buildings time as a co-op. Some of the buildings were not accessible but those that were are still in their original state or tastefully restored. There was a guide book available for €5 extra.
2019년 8월 6일 작성
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코크, 아일랜드포스팅 48건
Famine Workhouse Museum
2019년 7월 • 친구
I enjoyed our visit here and it certainly is good value for money with adult tickets just 5 euro each. You receive a personal tour on arrival which I thought was waiting around! I was a bit disappointed that we couldn't visit the famine graveyard as to do so we would have had to cross the local county council's property which is not permitted apparently. Also I think the entire experience depends on your guide and their knowledge. I noticed a group just ahead of us received an in-depth and interesting tour from their guide that seemed to last a lot longer than the tour we received. Overall I would recommend this museum as a nice way to pass an afternoon.
2019년 7월 25일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

몽트클레어, 뉴저지포스팅 332건
Well worth a stop
2019년 6월 • 가족
This is not on a direct path but the Famine Workhouse Museum is very well worth a visit. The workhouse has been restored to envision the conditions the poor of the poor lived in to try to survive the great famine. The guide will walk you through and describe the conditions in detail.
2019년 6월 19일 작성
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